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United States- the greatest show on earth

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Step right up!

Get your peanuts! Get your popcorn!

You are about to witness something youíll never forget.

That familiar cry usually preceded lions roaring and jumping through hoops, while elephants stood on one leg and trumpeted loudly as acrobats slowly walked the tightrope high above the cheering crowd.

The circus had come to town.

The circus indeed arrived this past week.

However instead of the usual three ring spectacle, we were witness to our U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court Justice confirmation of a lifetime.

It had it all.

Accusations, denials, riveting testimony, tears, loud outbursts, and to top it all off an FBI investigation.

I enjoy politics.

I read many papers and watch various news channels.

I like staying informed.

For years I was an avid listener to talk radio on my morning commute.

However, shortly before we moved to Kennett, my wife put a stop to it.

It was affecting my blood pressure as I found myself getting caught up in the scandal of it all and not the solutions to the issues themselves.

Politics has always been known as a dirty business but we as a nation have succumbed to a whole new level of mud-slinging.

Itís bigger than any one particular individual or political party.

It has gotten to the point where I donít enjoy watching or listening to political news as much.

I think itís because a new element has been thrown into the mix.

Amidst all the recent debates, primaries, speeches, interviews, and press conferences there is a prevailing emotion that has weaved its way through all of them.


Raw, raging, hate.

Itís alarmingly apparent.

Community neighbors of mine spew it as they speak of current events.

Immigration, healthcare, the Kavanaugh confirmation, and of course President Trump, all these topics bring forth conversations filled with unbridled hatred.

Read any number of social media comments on these subjects and youíll see the word hate used several times.

As I said earlier I get caught up at times as well.

I donít think either party can be proud of the way they have presented themselves in the last few years and itís just getting worse.

This is not what the United States of America should represent.

We are certainly anything but united.

Abraham Lincoln stated, ďA nation divided against itself cannot stand.Ē

He was quoting scripture at that time. Matthew 12:25.

That still stands true today.

Somehow we have got to reach across the aisle and work together or we will surely fail, as a nation and as a people.

Maybe thatís what the American people want anymore.

A political arena that would be just as at home on the Jerry Springer show as on your nightly news.

Ringling Brothers circus hasnít gone anywhere.

Weíve just upped it a notch or two and threw in a good dose of hatred to go with it as we sit back with a popcorn and soda and watch the sorry spectacle.

God help us if we donít find a way to come together and present to the world what we can be.

The greatest nation on earth.

See you out there.

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