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Deliberations from Dorris

Jeff Dorris is the Editor of the Delta Dunklin Democrat


Reflections on Deliberations

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Itís been one year since I began writing this editorial/column.

I remember in the beginning I struggled to bring incisive commentary on current events to the paper on a weekly basis through this column.

It was stressful to say the least.

After awhile I decided to just be myself and not try to copy others.

Iíve found that works best in all areas of my life.

Iíve tried to bring to the readerís attention my thoughts on important issues that impact our area, as well as reflections on life events and an occasional dose of humor.

Iíve met some wonderful people not only through this column but writing for the paper in general.

Throughout my time here at the DDD I had one goal, one vision in mind for the paper.


I hope Iíve brought a sense of community to this column.

As a team here at the newspaper we strive for that sense of community in every issue.

Iíll continue with that goal in my column as I enter my second year.

I would like to thank all the organizations, companies, schools, clubs, and departments that send us information on their events.

It helps instill that vision of community.

For me thatís what a local newspaper should be all about.

It should inform, educate, and entertain the community.

The column isnít stressful to me any longer.

In fact, the response I get from readers brings me great joy.

You canít please everyone. Iím sure there are those that arenít fond of ďDeliberationsĒ.

Iíll just keep writing in hopes that I can win some of them over.

Thanks to all whoíve commented, praised and criticized alike.

I hope youíre enjoying it and I look forward to where the journey with the DDD takes me.

I invite you to take the ride with me.

See you out there.

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