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Voting: Let your voice be heard

Saturday, August 4, 2018

It’s election time again in Dunklin County.

As August 7 approaches the voters have some important decisions to make.

Some decisions, as in the case of the new hospital construction and maintenance proposals, will impact the region for years to come.

Along with the hospital issue, voters will decide on Proposition A, the Right to Work Referendum, as well as choose a Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney.

All of these issues have been discussed at great length on social media and throughout our various communities.

In fact, I’ve overheard many heated conversations about these subjects in the last few weeks.

Soon the election will be over and we’ll know the answer to these ballot issues.

Invariably, we’re going to hear lots of moaning from those who dislike the outcomes.

The first thing you should do when you encounter these folks is ask: “Did you vote?”

Throughout our history people have fought and died so that others could have the privilege to vote.

Once again though, we’ll see that many voice their opinions on social media, but very few will make a trip to the polls and cast a vote.

That’s where your voice can truly be heard.

That’s where it counts.

It doesn’t matter a hill of beans how eloquent or intellectual your post was on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter how many letters you wrote or phone calls you made.

If you don’t vote you lost the opportunity to make a difference in the direction you want the county to go.

If you really want your voice to be heard, vote.

It amazes me how many opinions I hear on important issues throughout the year and yet very few if any attend council meetings.

Very few will go to a town hall meeting.

More people will attend a ballgame or take in the latest blockbuster at the movies, than vote on the proposed new hospital.

Yes, we’ll hear many voices after the election, but the only one that will truly be heard, is the one made at the polls.

Extremely important issues are to be decided on Tuesday.

Get out and vote.

Let your voice be heard.

See you out there.

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