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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Transparency in local government.

How important is it?

In the last few weeks it has been a widely discussed subject in Hornersville.

I believe community leaders should be as open as possible with their citizens.

So many times leaders circle the wagons when problems arise creating even more problems due to rampant speculation and rumors.

How can council members get much needed feedback from the community when they are not forthcoming with the issues at hand.

When a tax-paying member of the community asks questions concerning the operation of their city, rather itís about taxes, street conditions, or police chief impeachments, they should get answers.

Itís not a bad idea to not only address these issues at a council meeting or town hall event but print the answers out to be distributed in the community and place them online.

Community leaders will find itís best to get out in front of these issues to deter the rumor mill.

Perhaps utilize social media and create a citizen satisfaction survey.

Opening up other options for communication other than council meetings allows leaders to obtain a more diverse response.

So many times these meetings are attended by those in the community that adhere to one particular mindset and are closed off to any solutions brought forth by those of a differing opinion and letís be honest, very few attend their local council meetings.

A local government run on personalties and division will not only never be effective, it will never be successful or remotely prosperous.

Citizens want answers and they have a right to them.

Hornersville is not the only community in Dunklin County that needs to learn this lesson.

Is transparency in local government important?


It might even get a half-cent sales tax passed.

See you out there.

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