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Principles Before Personalities

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Once again we find ourselves as a community with several issues to deal with.

Issues that will involve more than one local agency/department.

The hydrants, the trash, the hospital.

All of these issues will demand cooperation between our local leaders.

Knowing this, we may need to take a page from 12 step counseling and their principles before personalities suggestion.

Itís a theme that prevails every A.A. Meeting, and itís important for all to remember.

The principle in this case, is working towards a solution that is beneficial for Kennett.

Personalities must be left at the door.

A couple of things to adhere to as we move into these discussions.

One, check your temper. Heated debates usually lead to no results.

Also remember, we tend to get the most angry when there is a kernel of truth in the statement.

It can be a huge exaggeration, but if a seed of truth is buried in it, we tend to get good and mad.

Second, try to not make it personal.

No name calling or blaming.

Everyone owns a slice of this pie.

These issues didnít pop off overnight and they wonít be resolved quickly.

Insults and finger-pointing will only lead to a shutdown of productive reasoning.

Finally, Iíd suggest prayer and lots of it.

Decisions forthcoming will be heavy with responsibility.

Pray our leaders remember that a good portion of the weight on their shoulders belong to the citizens of Kennett.

Do the next right thing.

If we see you are trying, moving toward a goal, being transparent and truthful with us, even if it hurts a little bit, weíll support you.

Hereís to a successful outcome.

Thereís a lot of work to be done.

Do your best.

Weíre counting on you.

Did I mention prayer?

See you out there.

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