Staying positive, avoiding depression

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It has been scientifically proven that a person’s attitude can have a phycological affect on people, whether it is positive or negative. If someone is always gloom, doom, and a half-empty glass, their lives will, ultimately, result in poor health and depression and negativity will follow them. Those who are always upbeat and drink from the half-full glass, look at the negative with a positive attitude and seem to keep their health and avoid depression. So, during a time when “hope” and “faith” are most important, those who want to spread doom and gloom need to take a step back and realize what they are doing to the public, the stock market, and the feeding frenzy by stoking the fires of fear.

We all must do our part, both young and old, to stay positive during a time where contact with others should be avoided. With spring around the corner, this is a great time to clean out those closets and scrub down the house. Keeping busy is the secret to decrease depression. Decontaminating the home is important, and while we are staying home, the ability to abide by government suggestions is doable.

Use this time to learn how to play that musical instrument, learn how to knit, crochet, quilt, put some puzzles together, learn a language, or just grab some of those books stacked on the shelf. Most importantly, stay busy to avoid dwelling on the negative, and look to the positive, now there is time for all those things that were pushed to the back because of the lack of time. While isolated, be sure to stretch, exercise, and stay in touch with friends and neighbors through phone or computer. All of these will help reduce depression and maintain a positive attitude.

This is not the first time our country has gone through a crisis; however, 100 years has passed since we have had a virus that is as contagious as this one. The Spanish influenza of 1918 infected 500 million people across the globe, which was one third the population at the time, and of those 50,000,000 died. My brother has always said that had it not been for the Spanish flu, we would not be here because my grandfather buried his mother, father, and six-month pregnant wife, within days of each other. Years later, he married my grandmother. The point is, the world made it through that crisis, and they didn’t have the technology, nor the knowledge, we have today.

With technology today, schools can teach through computers, people can work from home, people can stay in touch with families and friends through skype and other programs, and groceries, in many areas, can be ordered and delivered. With the internet and smart tv’s, those who enjoy going to the movies can still do that; it’s just from their own living room because current movies are being made available through many apps. Look on the bright side, you can make the popcorn, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the movie from your recliner. Not only that, but if you need to take that break in the middle, you can pause it and never miss a minute of the movie.

In America, our government works to help working individuals who depend on a check by providing the relief that is needed. They help small businesses and corporations to make sure when the crisis is over, people have jobs to go back to, and help those same corporations to continue to provide insurance for their laid off workers while losing millions themselves. Being able to support corporations and small businesses by offering interest free loans to avoid losing businesses and supporting laid off employees is important to the financial stability of our country. This is important to bring our country back from the brink of financial ruin and avoid a recession or depression.

Aging gracefully means living in a manner that allows you to spend your autumn and winter years productively, financially stable and healthy. Today, that means preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, but that also takes everyone, young and old, to make sure the length of time of this crisis is shortened by following the rules and avoiding contact with others. So, when life throws you lemons, throw in some sugar, and make a big pitcher of lemonade, grab a movie, and pop some corn.

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