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Starts and finishes

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Beginnings and endings.

Starts and finishes.

Itís one of the constants in life.

As one thing dies another is born.

One venture that has ended is the St. Francis Street project.

After years of discussion and debate, the day has finally arrived.

Itís done, and to say it was a passion of our current mayor would be an understatement.

Is it fitting for a citizen to pursue such a project and engage in all it entails?

Thatís a topic for another column.

One thing is for sure, Mayor Wayne is the perfect example of the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

He stood before the council week after week after week insistently advocating for the project.

St. Francis Street has new curbs and sidewalks, and it looks great.

With new restaurants, business remodels, and the relocation of an existing retail business, the west side of Kennett has been completely transformed.

Kudos to all involved. That project has ended.

Now what?

What new endeavor will we undertake to improve Kennett?

I stand by my belief that itís time to stop cultivating a culture of poverty.

Itís not a crime to be poor, however you shouldnít be able to allow your property to be a blight on the community.

At the last city council meeting, penalties were discussed to assist in eradicating this problem.

That sounds like it would head us into the right direction, however the penalties should be substantial.

Make it hurt, and they should also be strictly enforced.

Again, Iíll urge our citizens to become more involved.

We do appear to be lax in our attendance of meetings that affect our community.

Recently there were town hall meetings held throughout the area concerning medical marijuana.

In Caruthersville sixty attended the forum.

In Kennett we had four.

The west side of Kennett is looking good. Iím anxious to see what the next step will be.

Take a tip from Wayne and attend, speak, and engage with the council.

Get to know your aldermen and voice your concerns.

Who knows?

Be a squeaky wheel and you too might get a little grease that benefits us all.

See you out there.

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