Kennett City Council honors police who saved woman from burning house

Thursday, August 9, 2018
Kennett Mayor Bob Hancock swears in new City Clerk Branda Ellis during Tuesday night’s city council meeting. Ellis was appointed to office on June 5, 2018.
Photo by Trina Bell, staff

Tuesday night’s Kennett City Council meeting was a time of honor and thank you’s. Mayor Bob Hancock began the meeting by giving out resolutions to the police officers who saved a resident from a burning home on Crawford Street recently.

Mayor Hancock called forward officers Joshua Scheffler, Joe Stewart and Deputy Andrew Conley to honor them with a resolution. Not in attendance were officers Robert Moore and Brian James, who played major roles in the heroic efforts displayed that day.

After honoring the police officers, Mayor Hancock asked Brenda Ellis to come forward so that she could be sworn into office. “Brenda was appointed to office on June 5, 2018, and she will serve as Kennett’s City Clerk,” said Mayor Hancock. “We welcome her and we know that she will serve the City well,” he added.

Kennett Mayor Bob Hancock presented local police officers with a resolution for their heroism after saving a woman from her burning home on Crawford Street. Pictured are, from the left: Mayor Bob Hancock, Kennett Police Officer Josh Scheffler, Kennett Officer Joe D. Stewart, and Dunklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Conley.
Photo by Trina Bell, staff

After swearing Ellis in, the council got down to business as usual. The only department that had any information to discuss was the street department, which councilman Bill Palmer serves as committee chairman over.

“As you can see, several streets are in the process of being repaired and we ask that drivers use extreme caution when approaching these work zones,” Palmer said. “We don’t want any workers or residents to get injured or any property damaged. “So please pay attention,” Palmer added.

Kennett Assistant Fire Chief David Horton stood in for Chief John Mallott who couldn’t be at the meeting. Horton thanked the officers who worked in sync with the fire department to get the resident on Crawford Street out of the burning home, to safety. “It takes us all working together and I am so pleased to see we have a city who’s police department and fire department work so diligently together to get a job done.”

Kennett Police Chief Johnny Dennis agreed with Mr. Horton, adding that not every city has two departments who can come together and work side by side and get along as well as the local police department, fire department and Dunklin County Sheriff’s Department.

“We are extremely fortunate that we have these departments that can work side by side and everyone get along the way they do,” Dennis said. “That’s something we are extremely grateful for.”

Next was the council’s decision to either vote in favor of or against the rezoning of 710 Kennett Street, for the purpose of establishing a recovery type center for men who are clean from drugs and/or alcohol, who need a safe haven away from their old friends or family members, as a way to maintain sobriety until they could get back on their feet.

The idea was presented to the city council last month but after a brief deliberation, the council voted 5/4 against to rezoning.

Lastly, local business owner Debra Sample addressed the council regarding the recent incident where CBD product was confiscated but later returned after the police department learned she was not in violation. “I just want to thank my city, the police department and all of you guys,” Sample said, as she turned to Chief Dennis. “Johnny, your guys were very professional and kind in every way. I know it was a simple mistake and I do not hold any grudges.”

Sample advised the council she was told to sue the city but would never consider it. “I appreciate you all and the police, who I feel did the best they could with what information they had available to them,” Sample stated. “I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude and tell Chief Dennis he has some outstanding men and women serving for him.”

Mayor Hancock thanked Sample and told her the city could use more people like her.

The next city council meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

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