Baggage claims

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A creation scientist was recently accosted by a young man who described himself as a Christian. The young man was angry that a Christian could actually believe that Genesis 1-3 could possibly be literally true because “science”, he said, has proven that the earth is billions of years old, not the Christian claim of just over 6,000 years. Of course, the young man never gave any evidence from “science” to back up his truth claim but the scientist did—lots of evidence—to back up Biblical creation.

If you’re an unbeliever and want “evidence” against the Christian faith, you will find some truth claims from secular fundamentalist scientists that are easily disputed by Christians who are also scientists. Of course, we’re not allowed to see that kind of evidence in the secular fundamentalist public schools because it’s been banned—censored (more evidence against their claim of “scholarship”). But if you really want some red meat against the Christian faith, just read the book of Genesis.

There you will find the “story” of Adam and Eve who decided that they wanted to be like God, so they sinned. Shame fell upon them because they were given a conscience. And because God is holy and good, He let them go from His daily provision and required them to live as they were like Him, providing for themselves. God would still make available the foodstuff and materials they would need for daily living.

Then, read how God was so incensed at the evil of the people He had created that He washed away the sins of the earth through a global flood, saving only eight people. Then, (some 1,000 years later?) God made a covenant with a man named Abram (later renamed Abraham) who, to save his own neck, offered up his own wife to another man. He was willing to sacrifice his own son because he believed God wanted him to do so, but God spared Abraham’s son (but some 2,000 years later did not spare His own Son). If you want to read more truth assertions to really embarrass the Christian faith, read chapter 37 where Abraham’s great-grandchildren sold one of their brothers, Joseph, into slavery, and in chapter 38, you can read of Joseph’s betraying brother, Judah, having sex with his own ex-daughter-in-law (posing as a prostitute) and their offspring was an ancestor to Israel’s glorious King David (who also had one of his generals killed because David wanted—and got—his wife).

Yes, shocking and embarrassing stuff, isn’t it? Of course, if Genesis wasn’t fiction to you, like that young man, you might understand something about human sin nature and you might even bother to read what the secular fundamentalist claim is true: that the universe came about by a big bang—out of nothing, no less—violating a fundamental law of secular fundamentalism—that matter is neither created nor destroyed. And read the last-gasping breath of the religion of Marxism—that all humans need to be satisfied is material sufficiency (just like Adam and Eve had in Eden?).

After really open-minded study, you’ll see the secular fundamentalist sack is empty. You may still be angry. I do pray that you’ll turn to God’s Word. He’d love to bless you, too, despite your own very messy sin. Gloria Deo—Glory to God

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