City of Kennett hosts 2018 fireworks display

Saturday, July 7, 2018
The 2018 City of Kennett’s Fourth of July fireworks display was held Wednesday, July 4th. Crowds of people filled the Bootheel Plaza and Kennett Fairgrounds to watch the annual event.
Photos by Trina Bell, staff

The City of Kennett held it’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display Wednesday evening.

The show got under way at approximately 9 p.m. and lasted a bit longer than the previous years, ending somewhere around 9:30 p.m.

Crowds usually start getting in their parking spots around 8 p.m through 8:30, with popular places being the Bootheel Plaza and the Kennett Fairgrounds.

Members of the Kennett Fire Department shoots the fireworks from a safe location near the Kennett Country Club golf course and the Kennett Municipal Airport, making it to where people on the east end of town can see the display from a variety of locations.

This year’s fireworks display showed a wide variety of new colorful arrangements. There were a few double and triple shots. There was even one display that made a complete circle, which looked to be a smiley face at one time.

During the June Kennett City Council meeting, local businessman and Kennett resident Keith Mitchell, along with councilman and businessman Kenny Wilson, donated a $5,000 check to the City to go towards the fireworks.

“The fourth of July has always been a holiday I enjoy,” Mitchell said. “I remember when it used to be really big here in the City of Kennett.”

Mitchell asked the Council members if they remembered when there used to be a variety of activities going on, on the Square in downtown Kennett, and if they remembered how all of the clubs and organizations would come together in order to make the festivities fun and enjoyable for everyone.

“I’d like to see something like that come back,” Mitchell said. “Those were definitely good times and I’m sure if we put in the effort, we could make those things possible again.”

Although nothing was decided at that time, the council members were all agreeing, talking about the different things the City had going on during the Fourth of July holiday.

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