Pilots-N-Paws flies pups out from Kennett Monday morning

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Kennett Humane Officers Tena Petix, left, and Kayla Gozzell, right, met with Pilots-N-Paws pilot Jim Carney Monday morning at the Kennett Municipal Airport, where they turned over a litter of 8-puppies, which Carney was flying out to Chicago to be adopted out.
Photos by Trina Bell, staff

The Kennett Humane Department completed another fly-out rescue mission Monday morning.

Kennett Humane Officers Tena Petix and Kayla Gozzell arrived Monday morning at the Kennett Municipal Airport with their precious cargo, where Pilots-N-Paws Pilot Jim Carney took custody of their sweet little package.

A litter of 8 Lab-mix pups, was loaded onto Carney’s airplane and were flown out to Chicago, Ill., where they will be adopted out.

Petix first made contact withWags2Wishes (W2W,) a licensed all-breed animal rescue in Plainfield, Ill., who agreed to help find forever homes for these puppies.

“I spoke to Alyssa Michelle, the Director for Wags2Wishes, and immediately she was on top of it, lining up a transport for these little babies,” said Officer Petix.

Michelle said the mission of W2W is to rescue abused, sick, abandoned and forgotten animals facing euthanasia and provide them with a loving and secure transition into their rescue program. Most W2W animals are rescued from kill shelters in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas and several surrounding states.

“When W2W was asked for help with a litter of pups and the spaying of their mother, we knew we had to step up,” Michelle said. “The hardest part of working with Kennett is the distance, therefore, we have very few transport options to move their dogs to our rescue,” she added.

KHD has worked with several rescue organizations over the past couple of years, due to the overwhelming number of animals being taken in. Therefore, groups like Wags2Wishes and Pilots-N-Paws are very appreciated and vital to the future of the animals taken in at KHD.

“I work hard to support the rescue of dogs in shelters, and working with the Kennett Humane Department has been wonderful,” Michelle said. “Their officers are easy to work with and you can tell they care for their animals deeply. “We feel lucky to have began working with them years ago and our recent partnership has allowed us to save many more dogs,” she added.

But due to inclement weather, the first transport attempt had to be cancelled. But where there’s a will there is a way.

“That’s when we reached out to Pilots-N-Paws again for help,” said Officer Petix. “They are a non-profit transport whose pilots donate their own time, funds and efforts to move rescue animals,” she added.

Petix said although the weather didn’t cooperate and the first attempt was unsuccessful, the pilots did not give up on the dogs.

Carney, who is a retired Northwest Airlines Pilot, has been flying for Pilots-N-Paws several years now and is always excited to help get animals into the hands and homes of new loving owners.

“I absolutely love what I do,” Carney said. “Just looking at the faces of these little babies and knowing they will be in a loving home soon makes it all worth it,” he added.

Michelle was also pleased with the efforts from Pilots-N-Paws and spoke about how much she enjoys working with the KHD. “We are so proud to work with Kennett and have the support of these P-N-P pilots. “Thank you to ALL that helped get these babies to safety,” Michelle said.

Petix said she is extremely happy to have these partnerships who work hard carrying out the same mission as the Kennett Humane Department.

“It is amazing how many animal lovers there are in this world and it is even more amazing that so many people from all over are willing to help KHD,” said Petix. “Mr. Carney, the pilot today, is from Tennessee and the Wags2Wishes rescue is in Illinois, but when they learn about a small town in the Missouri Bootheel who needs help, here they come,” added Petix.

Petix reiterated the fact that the Kennett Humane Department is blessed to have so many team players.

Donations to help take care of homeless animals such as this can be made by visiting the KHD website or by donating directly for veterinary care at kennettvet.com.

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