Campbell continues working towards City improvement projects

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ideas on ways to continue improving the City of Campbell was the topic of conversation during Monday night’s city council meeting.

Although there were only three out of four council members in attendance, that was just enough to proceed with City business with Rickie Holloway, Jackie Pearson and Drew Joyce being present to vote on and conduct official city business.

The primary focus around the council meeting was centered around grant monies and other options for the City to discuss and look into as a way to continue finding ways to revitalize the City.

Campbell’s Mayor, Mr Raymond Gunter informed the board on where they stood with the purchases of new police cars.

“We still have to remove the equipment and property from the cars we are now able to sell,”Gunter said.

Randall Baker, city clerk, advised the council he had been contacted by a local Girl Scouts troop on whether they could utilize the Log Cabin facility to host their monthly meetings. I told the troop leader I would present it to the council and would let her know about your decision.

The council briefly discussed the pros and cons but never voted on either confirming or denying the request, pending some investigation on what all the meetings would consist of.

The council discussed its concerns with the City’s Log Cabin serving as a troop meeting spot, which is the former location of the Nutrition Center due to the amount of work recently invested in taking care of all the repairs. They agree to check into some other options prior to voting on it.

Another item on the agenda was something Mayor Gunter presented to the board, a proposal to seek an addition grant which could help pave the remainder of a city sidewalk, which could take a pedestrian all the way from the Casey General Store and gas station to the the City viaduct.

Prior to adjourning, councilwoman Jackie Pearson asked where the City stood with its grant proposals and future projects.

“Everything is moving in a good positive direction and the minute the weather improves we will begin putting everything together at the Little League park,” said Mayor Gunter. “But I will give you my word, we will have everything installed and ready to go, prior to our first Little League game.”

The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for 6 p.m. On Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, at the log Cabin at the City Park.

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