Tickets selling fast for Malden’s Bootheel Youth Museum’s 16th Annual Mardi Gras Festival

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The 16th Annual Mardi Gras dinner and auction will be held from 6 p.m. through 11 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 at the Bootheel Youth Museum in Malden.

The Mardi highly anticipated annual event is one of a kind for sure.

The Mardi Gras festival is the Museum’s biggest fundraising event, and some would say it’s the County’s greatest annual fundraising event.

The Bootheel Youth Museum’s Mardi Gras festival is unlike any other. They literally bring New Orleans to Malden. But visitors come from more places than Louisiana.

Patsy Reublin, Executive Director of the Bootheel Youth Museum said the success of the Mardi Gras event comes from the supporters who come from every corner of the map. “We depend on the support of those who attend each year from as far away as Calif., Colo., St. Louis, Hawaii and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Reublin added.

Other board members such as Liz Provance discussed what this event means to them as well. “We depend on each and every person each year,” said fundraising chair and board member Liz Provance. “We are in need to businesses and individuals to help by donating items for our auction as well,” she added.

Provance said she is amazed at how much the Mardi Gras event has grown with each passing year. “People from all across the Bootheel helped and have always helped to make this event the success that it is,” she said. “Each and every single individual help us make this night possible and we are extremely appreciative since all of the proceeds, minus the expenses, go directly to the museum,” she added.

Provance said last year’s event was huge but each year the event tends to grow and fill up faster. “Before last year’s event came to an end we had several corporate tables already being reserved,” she said. “So people can’t wait, space and tables are limited,” she added.

Tickets are on sale now until they reach capacity. The event usually consists of 650-guest. The large tables which seat 8 – 10 people are $650; the smaller tables of four, rent for $350. Provance said there are also individual tickets and table space available for $75 each.

“We will be having the same caterers and band as we had last year,” said Provance.

BRSC out of Reserve, LA. cateres the Cajun Creole food that people just cant seem to get enough of. From the various styles of cajun creole shrimp, oysters, fish and crab legs, to the luxurious chocolate fondue fountains, it’s pure Bourbon Street style.

But the highlight isn’t only the magnificent food, a Mardi Gras party isn’t complete without the festival beads and soulful music? Performing again this year will be Bayou Boogie, who brings there creole talent from Shreveport, LA.

“Once we reach capacity, there will be no more tickets available,” said Provance. “We always wish we had more but that’s all we can do with the limited staff of volunteers,” she added.

For ticket information about this year’s Mardi Gras festival, you can contact the Bootheel Youth Museum at (573) 276-3600 or any of the BYM board members.

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