Bid prices to farmers, FOB Memphis elevators by truck

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Bids      Change             Basis          Change
Corn       3.4775-3.5575   DN 3.75-DN 0.75    -5H to 3H      DN 5 to DN 2
Soybeans   9.7975-9.8175   DN 0.25            -10F to -8F    UP 2
SRW Wheat  3.6700-4.2400   DN 2.25-UP 34.75   -25Z to 5H     UNCH to NO COMP
Sorghum    5.6700          UP 2               -35H           UNCH

Contract Bids for New Crop Delivery
Corn       3.6150          UP 1               -15U           UNCH
Soybeans   9.9975-10.0275  DN 0.5             -5X to -2X     UNCH
SRW Wheat  4.4075-4.5075   DN 3.25            -5N to 5N      UNCH
Sorghum    NA              NA                 NA             NA

* All bids are $/bu except Sorghum, which is $/cwt.
NA = Not Available  No Comp = No Comparison

Chicago Board of Trade month symbols: F January, G February, H March,
J April, K May, M June, N July, Q August, U September, V October,
X November, Z December
Monthly Prices for: November 2017

No. 2 Yellow Corn                       3.4343
No. 1 Yellow Soybeans                   9.7910
No. 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat             3.9707
No. 1 Yellow Sorghum                    5.5906

Source: USDA-AR Coop Ext Service, Little Rock, AR
        Heather Riley  501-671-2200

1354C      hr