Cardwell hires a police officer

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Freddie Williams has been hired as the new police officer for Cardwell. Williams previously worked with the Senath Police Department. Im here now and Im always available, said Williams. Pictured is Williams.
Photo by Jeff Dorris, staff

Freddie Williams is no stranger to being on the police force or to Cardwell.

Williams has been an officer on local police departments for the past few years, the latest being with the Senath police force and has been a past resident of Cardwell, graduating from Southland School.

Williams becoming a police officer was in part due to fulfilling a dream for his father.

My Dad always talked about me being a police officer, said Williams.

He passed away in 2011. He lived in Cardwell on Main Street. He always talked about it. After he passed away I had an opportunity to go to Kennett at the SEMO part-time academy.

Williams continued I completed it and from there Senath gave me my first job, a day after I graduated. I was just on reserve, filling in. Then I went to Arbyrd working part-time.

Then Senath gave me an opportunity to full-time, so I went there.

Williams has been with the Senath Police Department for a little over four years.

Williams stated he has enjoyed his time in Senath.

I like Senath, he said. Its been a good learning experience. I really appreciate the city of Senath.

Williams was recently made aware of the opening in Cardwell.

I had talked to one of the board members and he told me a position was open, informed Williams. I talked to the mayor and she told me to put my application in and it just went from there.

Williams enjoys the benefits of working in a small community.

You get to know just about everyone, he said.

However there are also challenges he shared.

When you live in a small area and you become friends with people, they think they can get away with more things. I give more warnings than anything. I believe everyone deserves a break, but if I give you a warning and I catch you next time, I will without a doubt, write you a ticket. Dont take warnings for granted. You cant just let people keep breaking the law.

Since working in the office preparing for his new role, Williams has been visited by many in the community.

Numerous people have been in and told me about speeders and Im going to be dealing with that for awhile until I get the message out that Im the full-time police officer here now. A lot of people have the mindset now that this town doesnt have a police officer, but Im here now. Im always available if they have any problems.

Williams believes a police presence deters a lot of criminal activity.

Williams stated that as police officer hes handled everything from tragedies like suicide and accidental deaths to community activity involvement, particularly with the school.

Im going to keep a close eye on the school, said Williams. Ill do walk-throughs, be there every morning and be there when school lets out checking for speeders. Thats something I wont tolerate is somebody speeding through a school zone.

Williams and his wife Debra have four children, Trevor, Devon, Selena, and Alexis.

He shares that he is glad to be back in Cardwell.

I really think things will change back to how it was when I was a kid, said Williams. There wasnt a whole lot going on and I really think I can get it back to that.

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