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Friday, October 27, 2017

A couple or three years ago, I visited a website associated with my church body’s seminaries. I was most heartened to read some of the blogs the young pastors-to-be were writing. Almost all of them were emboldened to tell the truth according to God’s Word. With very few exceptions, these young men were not shy to challenge the basic underlying presuppositions about humankind, the truth of life, God, and salvation through Christ. Their faith in Christ as He is revealed in Scripture was evident in the boldness of their truth claims as well as challenging the fallacies of fallen humans, past and present.

They know that secular fundamentalism—the insistence that humans alone are able to govern themselves and solve the problems in this life and current world—is self-contradictory, logically indefensible, and disproven by history and blatantly hypocritical with their selective, self-serving judgments of good and evil. Knowing the Old Testament is particularly helpful in seeing how and why today’s self-destructive Western society is crumbling from its own foolishness. And these young men are not hesitant to call the Enlightenment what it truly is—the biggest pile of stinky hooey which perhaps has stricken humanity.

Human faith in themselves is what caused the Fall in the Garden of Eden, the cowardice of Abraham, the drunkenness of Noah, the adultery and murder of David, the idolatry of Solomon (the Wise?), etc. And who would be the best witness for the prosecution at your own trial for egregious sins? You, of course. Same with me and my own sins.

That’s was one of the points that the students were making—we’re all sinful by nature and no one can be good. One difference between us and unbelievers is that we believers have an objective source of knowledge of good and evil. We know why something is good or evil, and it’s because God says so. And it is also true that it is immaterial if an unbeliever reports that he or she does not believe in God or that the Holy Bible is a reliable source. The Bible is true whether or not they or we, for that matter, say so.

In the past, I have asked secular fundamentalists how he or she could decide that homosexuality, for example, is good or bad. (Romans 1) Some say that it is because homosexuals are born that way. There is some truth in that. Others are born with ungodly desires for the opposite sex, but that is adultery, too. Some of us are greedy, some sexually perverse in thoughts, words, or deeds, while others are prideful, narcissists, thieves, dishonest, or selfish. Yet unbelievers have no choice but to play god because they believe themselves capable of judging all things.

Recorded in Leviticus 19, Moses tells God’s chosen, the Israelites how they should live. They should not steal, but help the poor. But here’s a Scripture passage you never hear: “You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.” (Verse 15) Only the Holy Bible is the source of truth and life. Another difference with us believers is that we will not pay the eternal price of our sins. We want others with us because God loves them also. Gloria Deo—Glory to God

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