Senath Women’s Club hosts Walk for the Cure

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Senath Women’s Club prepares for 11th annual Walk For The Cure breast cancer awareness walk, Saturday Oct. 21 at 8:30 a.m. “We raised a thousand dollars the first year and every year it multiplies,” said Pam Small. Pictured from left are Pam Small and Christy Chandler.
Photo by Jeff Dorris, staff

The 11th annual Walk For The Cure 5K will be held in Senath on Saturday, October 21, 2017 starting at 8:30 a.m.

The breast cancer awareness fundraiser walk will start at Williamson Park in Senath and wind its way through the community.

The annual event continues to inspire participants from area communities and has raised thousands of dollars for the breast cancer awareness cause.

Pam Small from the Senath Women's Club recalls the origins of the 5K walk.

“It all started with Christy Chandler,” recalled Small. “Her daughter was diagnosed and her bridge club buddies decided to go to the walk in Memphis, the huge Susan Komen walk, to show support.”

“When we got back we just thought that was such a good feeling,” said Small. “We were energized because there were thousands walking.”

Small continued, “I mentioned it to the Senath Women's Club and told them what I did and wished our little town could decorate in pink like Memphis did.”

Club President Pat Davis suggested to not only decorate but host a 5K walk as well.

“We were afraid we wouldn't have ten people show up that first date,” said Small. “But we had well over a hundred and raised a thousand dollars the first year.”

Every year the number of attendees and funds raised has multiplied.

“We hover around 500 participants now,” informed Small. “A lot of people that can't show up still send a donation or help in some way with a door prize or things like that.”

All proceeds go to breast cancer awareness and research, with a portion of the funds going to the Dunklin County Caring Council ICARE program, HOPE Foundation in Paragould, Misty's Mission and a national research based organization, the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

Christy Chandler reflects on the legacy of her daughter Misty Chandler Edmonston who succumbed to the deadly disease of breast cancer after a valiant battle.

“I think the fact that we're helping breast cancer patients, I think it's a great testament to her testimony, her faith,” said Chandler. “I think she would be really pleased.”

Misty was diagnosed when she was 29 and passed at age 33.

Misty's birthday is April 26 and there is a big event held around that time each year.

The event always centers around her love for softball.

“Last year we had a high school girls softball play day,” said Chandler.

A registration fee for the Walk For The Cure is $20 and includes a t-shirt, refreshments, goody bag and registration for door prizes.

Walkers of all ages are welcome but children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

An addition to this year's walk is a Survivors Breakfast to be held at the Senath Community Center at 7:30 a.m. prior to the 5K.

All breast cancer survivors from the area are welcome.

“We always try to honor the survivors in some way,” said Small.

Also the popular pink house and yard decorating contest will return along with a new contest.

“We're also having a plastic yard flamingo decorating contest to go along with our theme Stand Tall Together,” informed Small. “They can bring their decorated flamingos the morning of the walk to the park and we're going to have a pen to put them in.”

The event will also feature a silent auction.

“We've painted rocks this year also,” said Small. “It's connected to the Kindness Project that's happening across the country. People paint rocks setting them where people can find them. You can keep a rock or you can make some of your own, or you can hide them again.”

“We've put pink ribbons on ours and we've placed thirty to forty rocks around town to bring awareness,” said Small. “They'll get spread and might end up over in Paragould.”

Chandler said, “ We ask if you find one to post a picture on the Senath Women's Club Facebook page.”

Small agreed, “We try to get as many people interested and involved as we can.”

The ladies and community will continue with their efforts to bring awareness to the area.

“Because it's still happening,” said Small. “There's more cases everyday.”

“We started Misty's Mission in 2013,” said Chandler. “Since that time we have helped, meaning we sent money, to 80 men and women. That's why we keep doing it.” As far as advice for families who are dealing with a loved one's diagnosis Chandler suggests to hold onto to your faith.

“Faith in God is all I could offer as advice,” said Chandler. “We try to offer not just monetary support but we try to offer moral support as well as spiritual support.”

“Misty taught all of us how to pray,” shared Chandler. “She was very strong in her faith.”

“Misty never did say why,” Chandler stated. “Her thing was, I win either way. I win if I get to stay here and raise my daughter and I win if I get to go be with God.”

For information on this event contact 573-888-7694 or check the Senath Women's Club Facebook page.

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