DCCC Food for Families distribution helps many

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
A trailer load of food was delivered to the food bank at the Dunklin County Caring Council for it’s recent Food for Families Distribution. The center gives food to families in need. The only requirement is you must be a Missouri resident.
Photo by Jeff Dorris, staff

Last week was the Dunklin County Caring Council’s Food For Families Distribution. A trailer load of food was delivered to the center’s food bank, located at 313 Kennett St. The Dunklin County Caring Council is right next door at 311 Kennett St.

Venna Quinn, who is the Community Development Coordinator, said the Dunklin County Caring Council, which is sponsored partially through the SEMO Food Bank, gives out food daily from 1p.m. through 3p.m.

“All we require is that the person we give the food to, be a Missouri resident,” Quinn said. “They have to fill out an intake form and show proof of residency,” Quinn added.

Quinn said the center is also helpful to Seniors, ages 60 and up and for those who receive or is eligible to receive income assistance.

“We have what is referred to as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program,” Quinn said. “This is USDA funded through the SEMO Food Bank to us as well,” she added.

Quinn explained the TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) is there to help struggling families or individuals who need food.

Although the Food Bank is there to help families, there are ways for those who want to help, to get involved.

You can learn more by logging on to the SEMO Food Bank website to see how you can make a difference by donating food, making monetary donations, volunteering or becoming an advocate.

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