First Christian Church hires pastor

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Pastor Jim Wilson is the Interim Pastor at the First Christian Church in Kennett. Wilson has lived and worked in several countries and states he is happy to serve in Kennett. “Home is wherever you are,” said Wilson. Pictured is Wilson.
Photo by Jeff Dorris, staff

Jim Wilson, Interim Pastor at the First Christian Church has lived and worked in many countries, and is now happy to be in Kennett.

“I'm here to serve for an interim period until they find another minister,” said Wilson. “When a previous minister leaves it creates a gap.”

An Interim Pastor helps bridge that gap between challenging times and the selection of the next permanent pastor.

Wilson and his wife, Jayanthi, are accustomed to traveling wherever a need arises.

Over the years, they have lived and worked across the globe, in India, Lesotho, Botswana, South Africa and Canada.

Wilson was raised in southern California, where he met his wife,Jayanthi, a native of India, while attending college.

“My wife and I are cross-cultural,” said Wilson. “When you're cross-cultural the borders are blurred, so my wife and I through the years have lived in different places, but find home is wherever you are.”

Wilson spent the greatest amount of time in Africa.

“I spent 17 ½ years in a place called Lesotho.”

Wilson has two daughters, Shanthi and Priya, both raised in Africa. They returned to the United States for post-secondary education and to work.

“By my very nature overseas, I was never there to perpetuate my position,” shared Wilson. “When I worked in different countries, I'm not going there as the great white father. I'm just going there in solidarity to the people with whom I work with.”

Wilson didn't grow up in the church. He didn't start attending until late junior high.

His influences come from just everyday conversations.

“Some of the greatest influences in your life are not famous people, but it's the neighbors, somebody who just takes the time to spend time with you.”

Wilson describes the First Christian Church.

“We're not a very demanding church. We have open communion and everyone is invited to participate.”

Wilson continues, “There is no absolute creed, except to say that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior.”

Wilson enjoys the time he has spent traveling to different locations and enjoys small town living.

“To me everyplace is unique,” offered Wilson. “Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Everything is double dipped.”

“You may not get as many choices of grocery stores, but on the other hand, you can walk down the square and look around, get your haircut, go to the movie theater. The person at the movie theater, they know who you are and vice versa.”

Wilson states the community has been very receptive, as well as the First Christian Church.

“They've been very nice and kind.”

“One of the nice things in ministry is when someone moves into a community, sometimes it takes years before you get to be in the inner circle, but often times in the ministry, you're brought in immediately. You're in the life of that church. You're in their weddings, their funerals, and all of a sudden, you've jumped into the middle.”

“That's the beauty in ministry,” said Wilson.

The First Christian Church in Kennett meets on Sundays at 105 W. Washington Street.

Service is at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.

Pastor Wilson invites everyone to come and experience the church.

“We'll take you from where you are,” stated Wilson.

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