Voters say yes

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dunklin County voters took to the polls on Tuesday with a resounding yes.

Voters passed all three measures on the ballot.

County Clerk, Kent Hampton stated ten percent of Kennett residents voted, while Dunklin County saw twelve percent of constituents at the polls.

The ballot measures included a county wide question concerning a half-cent sales tax increase.

The tax is intended to cover operating expenses.

The last time voters were asked to decide a sales tax increase for the county was August 1997.

The sales tax revenue has since fallen in the ensuing years creating a shortfall.

This drop is contributed to many factors including lost jobs and lower commodity prices.

The county wide sales tax passed handily with a total of 1,064 for and 394 against.

The next measure, ordinance 2993, concerned the use tax.

The local use tax will allow the City of Kennett to share in the revenue from companies such as Amazon.

Even though there appeared to be much confusion with the voters concerning this tax, it too passed with a more narrow margin of votes, 364 to 333.

The final measure ordinance 2999 benefits senior services and storm water control.

The controversial measure began as a senior service only tax and was passed this past November.

However, due to an error in the wording of the ordinance, the Missouri Department of Revenue informed the city it could not collect the tax.

The new ordinance for the half-cent tax now reads, the sales tax will provide 1/8 cent to senior services, while the rest will be used for storm water control.

The ordinance passed easily, 425 to 279.

The tax will terminate ten years automatically after the implementation.

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