Q: Are the Southeastern Conference football fans, announcers, and analysts, doing some serious horn tooting? A: There is enough trumpeting coming out of the SEC to embarrass the likes of Mohamed Ali in his heyday.

Monday, October 13, 2014

They were good along time ago and now it is evident that the SEC has the best college football in the country; and their fans never miss a chance to tell you this, and chortle over the demise of former Midwestern powers such as the Big Ten.

Missouri University is now in the SEC, and from a geographical and cultural position they stand out from the rest of the conference like the sixth finger on a five finger glove. Example: It gets very, very. cold in Columbia, MO, and stays that way for a long time. Ft Lauderdale is at its nicest when Columbia is a frozen tundra.

On a recent Saturday morning College Gameday Show the roundtable was discussing why Midwest football was diminishing, and growing in the South. It was then that veteran coach and sport's analyst , Lee Corso, said rather simply, but correctly. "The players like to go where it's sunny."

The SEC has always had an almost fanatic devotion to college football, but this is something the players themselves have everywhere. What is more important is that they are blessed with a comparative twelve month temperate climate for most sports, and a comfortable life in off season.

You can take this huge advantage, and then recognize that once the great black players realized that they were not only welcome to the SEC, but highly recruited , any exodus to northern climes was brought to a halt. Then the party really began to change. It is hard for the Midwest to compete with this.

Lee Coso's "sunny" theory has strong validity when you consider another "sunny" part of the country. The SEC may have the best football, but when it comes to national championships for all sports, men & women, the PAC 12 takes the honors. UCLA is number one in the nation, followed by Standard number two, and USC number three. UCLA is the leader in men's championships. Remember the expression: "Sunny California."

The SEC is very good in a lot of sports, and best in football. And it's lot of fun watching them scramble to defeat each other. But this blow-hard wind of SEC!! SEC!! SEC!! for their football is getting a little hard to digest. The SEC should enjoy their huge advantage, but cool-it a little. Just about all sports are effected in some ways by the existing climate. By the way, how is the SEC doing in cross-country or down-hill snow skiing?

Q: Are Cardinal fans blessed?

A: We have always been blessed by either great teams, or great individual players. Having not the best record in the National League regular season, the Cardinal are once again poised to win the National League Championship. The ever fickle short series play-offs haven taken their usual victims. Whether they advance to the World Series is in one sense immaterial. We will have the chance again to sit on the edge of seats hanging on every pitch, and watching the pressure grow. Cub fans don't have to put up with this.

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