Sunday, May 19, 2013

Q: When will tattoo art receive complete legitimacy?

A: When it is exhibited in the great art galleries like the Louvre in Paris.

Tattoo art is gradually living down the seedy image it once had. Many young people today have tattoos that range from the subtle to as wild as the imagination can conjure.

There is even a show on TV now called "Best Ink." The host of this show has a top wave hair-do that would challenge an ambitious serf boarder.

Tattoo art will not receive true credibility, however, until it is shown in the great art galleries. And this presents a logistical problem:

Since tattoo art consist of inserting pigment into punctures on the skin of a living person it stands to reason that - for the full essence of the art - the person punctured should be able to sit quietly in an art gallery and be appreciated.

It's either that or upon death that person be skinned and stuffed as in taxidermy. Either way it's suggested to not wait until the skin has grown old and withered.

Q: What do politicians consistently ignore?

A: Their own childhood.

Has there ever been a person who from time to time didn't get into trouble with their parents? It would take a rare individual to say no.

When that happened to best thing to do was to quickly fess up. Your parents appreciated the truth, and were generally more lenient in punishment.

Stick with a lie, however, and when caught it meant an interminable lecture, a belt whipping, and an indefinite grounding that could go into infinity.

There has never been a perfect administration, and certainly not a perfect politician. When they make a mistake - as all of them do- they will invariably go into a cover-up routine that is all together too familiar.

The best thing to do is just fess up, and the pubic will probably forgive you. And don't worry about your mistake being politicized. Politicizing the other side's mistakes is as American as baseball, and mom's apple pie.

Q: What was the one unforgivable sin for boys and girls brought up in Caruthersville?

A: To go swimming in the Mississippi River. Even fessing up would not spare you extreme punishment.

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