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The Answer Man

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Q: What do a number of politicians have in common.

A: Many of them are good dancers.

In the movie version of the great Broadway hit "Chicago" the shifty lawyer, Billy

Flynn's, defense of Roxy Hart is shattered by evidence proving that she is as guilty as sin.

It is then that Billy starts a verbal tap dance to get around the real issues. In the movie the courtroom manipulations are juxtaposed to outside the courtroom where Billy, as played by actor, Richard Geer, is doing a actual tap dance. It's a very funny scene, but sometimes oh so true.

Many politicians today are nailed with really difficult questions to answer. It is then that they go into some quick steps and swirls that never get back to the question, and would embarrass Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly.

Did you ever notice how many guilty teenagers have this same gift, and at so tender an age?

By the way, Hillary Clinton introduced a new dance step last week. It's called the Benghazi Shuffle.

Q: Do we need a loyal opposition?

A: In order to be a true democracy we do.

Coming out of all the bitter political debates is a new strategy as suggested by some powerful Democrats.

They say that in order for President Obama to get all his programs through he must first destroy the Republican Party.

It wont be easy to do, but let's say he gets it done. Then we would have one party facing no opposition and almost unlimited power from the Executive level.

Hasn't world history proven to us that this sometimes works for a temporary period, but just as often ends in disaster? We don't even need to look at history because there some under developed third world countries today that are suffering from an overwhelming central government, and even dictatorship.

Doesn't it seem more logical that, no matter the administration in, there is a loyal opposition to debate and grind out issue, as painful as they may be?

And doesn't it make more sense that there is no person or party that is always consummately correct, or the other consummately wrong?

And doesn't it make sense that with no opposition at all we are on a dangerous road to tyranny?

Q: What event today gets almost unbelievable hype?

A: The Super Bowl.

Starting right after the regular.

The Answer man
The Answer Man