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Fake $100 bills discovered at Kennett

Friday, January 18, 2013

Video stills provided These stills were obtained from a local business in Kennett. Police also believe that the individuals may be responsible for passing similar bills in the Poplar Bluff area as well.
Authorities searching for man and woman believed to

connected to counterfeits

The Kennett Police Department is searching for a man and woman, wanted for investigation of possession of counterfeit federal notes.

After reviewing surveillance footage, the department has identified a white male and white female as the ones believed to have passed the two separate $100 bills at two locations in Kennett.

Authorities believe the individuals may be responsible for passing similar counterfeit bills in the Poplar Bluff area as well.

The department has released still images from the surveillance footage of one of the local businesses in an attempt to locate the suspects.

According to Lt. Tim Trowbridge of the KPD, the only images released are of the female, as the male wore a hat and kept his head down on the videos.

Officers said in at least one of the bills, it appeared as if a legal one dollar bill had been bleached and reprinted with an older $100 bill image.

The ink on this bill was slightly smudged and the original circles on the back of the one dollar bill were faintly visible.

One of the businesses said the $100 bill they received passed the felt pen test, however one of the employees said the bill felt "thin."

Anyone with information related to these or any other case is urged to contact the Kennett Police Department at (573) 888-4622.

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