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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Southland board discusses bus policy changes

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photo by Chris Kaiser, Staff Superintendent Kim Campbell, left, discusses potential changes to the district's bus safety policy.
CARDWELL, Mo. -- The Southland Board of Education on Thursday, January 10, approved changes to the district's bus policy, Policy 5220B, focusing on safety for the students.

The policy states: District school bus drivers shall be familiar with and follow all state and local rules pertaining to the operation of school busses. This District policy specifically addresses safety procedures for student drop-off and establishes the following guidelines:

* A student may he permitted to leave the bus at a location other than his/her regular stop, only if permission is first obtained in writing from the student's parent or guardian and such permission is provided to the District's Director of Transportation or building Principal prior to the cnd of the school day. The District's Director of Transportation or building Principal shall communicate all changes in drop-off location to bus drivers prior to departure from the school.

* When dropping off students in grades PreK - 6th, unless otherwise previously arranged, the driver must make visual contact with the student's parent/guardian/ride before leaving the student at the bus stop or the student's house, If after waiting for three minutes, a parent/guardian is not pre~ent, the bus driver will radio the Director of Transportation and building Principal for further instruction and at the direction of the Director or building Principal, will either attempt one more time to make visual contact with a parent/guardian or return the student to his/her school at the conclusion of the route. Upon return of a student to his/her school, the bus driver must ensure that the building Principal sees the child and is in charge of his/her care before leaving.

* If someone other than the student's parent/guardian/ride is waiting for the student at the bus stop (md the driver has reason to believe this person is not authorized to pick up the student, the driver will radio the Director of Transportation and building Principal for further instruction before leaving the student.

* At the end of a run, each driver must thoroughly check the bus interior by walking to the rear of the bus and back to the front to make certain that there are no children left on the bus. Bus drivers must check each row and look for students who may be sleeping or hiding 011 or under the seats. Each driver must place a sign in the windshield of the bus to indicate that they have performed this check and that the bus is "Empty."

These changes were approved by the board.

Following the changes made to Policy 5220B, the board members approved bids on the CD. The CD, which is currently at Focus Bank of Paragould, Ark., which the District was paying on a six month fix for the CD's value being $188,000 with an interest of .3000 percent, will be moved to First National Bank in Kennett, where the district will be paying on a six month fix with the value of $187,000 with an interest of .50 percent.

In the Elementary School Principal's report, it was said that the school had an attendance of 95.66 percent. The Dunklin County Spelling and Math contest will be held on today at the Slicer Street Church of Christ Activity Center, in Kennett, as the Kennett School District will host the event. Students that will be in attendance, representing Southland for the contest include; Monica Rodriguez and Katie Nipper in the Spelling Contest and Jose Andrade and Morgan McMinn in the Math Contest.

The principal also spoke of the Honor Roll field trips for the upper and lower elementary, that will be taking place in the next couple of weeks. The Family Reading Night will be held Jan. 15. He closed his report with adding that the Elementary volleyball and basketball intramurals are on going and the first fifth and sixth grade basketball game will take place on Jan. 31.

In the seventh through twelfth grade principal's report, he reported that the attendance is currently at 94.44 percent and that 42 of the 141 students that are enrolled have perfect attendance. He also mentioned the the fifth and sixth grade Math and Spelling Bee, along with the seventh and eighth grade math bee being held in Kennett today, with the seventh and eighth grade math competitors being Julia Gibson and Kayley Copeland. The seventh and eighth grade spelling bee will be held Jan. 18, with Brandon Sessums and Desiree Lancaster competing. The principal then mentioned that student, Madison Kellums will be heading to Marble Hill, Mo., on Jan. 18 to speak at their regional Smokebusters meeting. Anna Henson was reported to have been competing with 4 H in the National Parliamentary Procedure Contest, held in Colorado, Jan. 10 as well as today. It was also reported that Annette Stoker was also reported to have won the half day off for Dec., and the eighth grade won pizza for the best overall attendance for the second quarter at 95.4 percent and will be served pizza for lunch a day next week. Homecoming for the school was also reported to be planned for Jan. 25.

The board members then continued with approving the new out-of-district tuition rate being set at $5,000 a year, and $2,500 a semester.

In the Superintendent's report, Kim Campbell spoke of a letter that he had received from Gov. Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon that spoke of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct., and the recent proposal in legislation that proposes teachers being armed with guns. Gov. Nixon, in the letter, spoke of his concerns for the proposal and that it would take away the authority of local school districts to keep guns out of the classrooms. He finished the letter by adding that in the near future, he will communicate with Missourians to find a common solution on how to keep the schools safe.

Following the report given by Campbell, the board members and administrators move into the executive portion of the meeting, where the board members made the decision to rehire the current superintendent, Campbell through the year of 2016, where Campbell will be eligible for retirement.

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