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New Year's Day dinner 2013 and some ideas that will make the tax dollar go down easier

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Start the New Years with a big kick off with a Southern-style menu that gives a nod to tradition which while looking to the year ahead. Southerners believe that eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day will bring them good luck----one day of good luck per pea---so you might want to double the Hoppin' John recipe for every home in Kennett.

Try these ideas for a start Hoppin' John Salad with Molasses Dressing, Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar, Mustard and Honey Glaze, Sautéed baby spinach, and Green Onion -Jalapeno Cornbread.

The drink could be Sauvignon Blanc wine and finish could be butter pecan ice cream with caramel sauce with fortune cookies. Coffee to talk over would finish a great gathering.

We need good fortune coming to Kennett in 2013.

Start looking at your 2013 sales taxes for the year. It will be much higher thanks to the "bait and switch" of our leaders in the last vote which they stuck in before the presidential election so no one would be excited and vote on this issue except the land owners. The Council yelled it was to save the city taxpayers money but it is just a switch from which pocket they take it out. I don't see the saved money nor will you. Thanks council for the yellow brick roads and the future council trips. We did get the sticker prices eliminated for our cars this coming 2013 year.

Another big deal. Next to where you were to purchase the car sticker was a notice that yard sales permits went up to $5.00. In one pocket and the politicians take it out of the other. In city words this raise is in "nescience" tax which takes only employee's time and really does not add much to the General Fund of the City.

Also the city does not have one full time employee to keep tabs on the spending of each department. What I mean is there is no full time paid that Missouri Statutes authority to Budget or be the Finance Director looking over the administration of the City's money. Never heard of a policy group (Council) that did not have someone to say stop and get control of their spending within a council passed budget resolution. Or do they have a line item, departmental budget passed in one document that "everyone" will know who spends what on what. At council meetings the only question I read is "Do we have the money?" They do have a person to call in if they are over their heads and do not know what to do next.

Now we have "Superman," mayor who stepped before the finacial fire of the citizens and said that he would take the leadership and responsibility of the budget spending and of course all the requests for proposals, individuation for bids, sole sources, who is competitive, who should be black booked so they cannot bid on city business, the city finances, the city personnel, and the department's programs and he would do it without the salary that was given to the previous mayor. He said he did not need the income for doing these additional responsibilities.

Nice if a non trained city manager ala our mayor, can do these things without making errors that will cost the city tax money.

Just look at the City Departments of the city with a population under 11,000 (a real small city) and look for the "non working street" foreman called the "Commissioner", riding around in big white truck and spending your tax money. No Budget or Purchasing Department full time personnel in charge of obtaining standards, delivery time, delivery schedule date, warranties, and of course is it budgeted in the 2013 City Budget. The big question, is the price competitive (at least three bids), fair and reasonable. Sounds like the mouse rules and the citizens just dig deeper and will pay the new sales taxes this coming year. No we have Superman Mayor doing all that work. He is now seen with leaders of CLG&W, and department heads working on what, I don't know. Oh! That brings up another question. Where is a copy that the citizens of the City of Kennett can come and look over the line item budget by departments and see the monthly reports on how they carry out their council passed budget. Who invests the cash flow of the city is another passing question. I know the rates on cash deposits are really low but a dollar here and a dollar there helps. The budget document should be held by the City Clerk, if she is there working, or a copy at the City Library.

Now the good part of my comments. I am glad to see this happen now in Kennett. With the controls of the administration be assumed by Superman Mayor with the council letting him do this, it is a great step forward to getting responsibility right in a good working government. Now in the next election the people of Kennett should ask or petition for a vote for a change in government to a City Manager- Council form of government where the citizens elect five members of a council and the council each year they select on to be the Mayor for the next year and even a Vice Mayor if they want. The council set the direction, programs, policies of the city and approves the budget and salaries of the employee's and approves the budget and salaries of the employees and let the City Manager do the management or administration work. The new superman would have at least a Master's Degree in City Management of Government and experience in the field before arriving to be the appointed manager. There are over 1000 cities who have City Managers for Kansas City to all of the 3rd Class Cities in Missouri except Kennett. We need a change right now while the leadership of the city is going in the right direction. But it depends on our current mayor not to assume the leadership as a gift and he becomes a dictator or ruler. If he just assembles the government the way he has started and then turns it over after an election for the City Manager form, he would have done the greatest thing to help Dunklin County's leading small town to grown into a regional center for commerce and industry.

Remember it is up to the council to keep their promise that the Kennett Property Tax will not be added in 2014. Promise? Just look to are leaders in Washington, DC on keeping their word when they were voted in our out.

This is the most important time of the year for Kennett. Headlines now reflect new "Christmas Decoration" is being put up. At least it is a start. Everyone in Kennett, County of Dunklin and Independence Township Have a "really big" Happy.

Keep praying for the people who lost or are affected by the mass murders in our Connecticut. Community.

Have a Happy.

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas