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The Answer Man

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Q: What is the definition of "Elsewhere?"

A: It means "in, at, or to some other place or other places.

Have you noticed that too many people today are more interested in elsewhere than in what is right in front of them?

They can be visiting your home, or you in their own homes for that matter, and they sit around with a cell phone in their ear, or pecking away on various contraptions, always in communication with elsewhere.

They have put new meaning into the word "rude." There are periods of time when you feel invisible, or a mere annoyance, as they communicate with the great world of elsewhere. You feel guilty about interrupting to tell them that dinner is ready. You test them by exclaiming that the house is on fire!!! This may shake them from their elsewhere coma momentarily, but is more often followed by a blank stare.

What ever happened to direct one-on-one communication; or communing with nature? A person is sitting on a beach, and a beautiful sunset is taking place. That person, however, is obliviously yapping away on a cell phone. For all he knows a tsunami may be crashing in.

People watching at airports used to be fun. But now people on both sides of you may talking on cell phones bringing you into their elsewhere land. And the people coming down the aisle are cell phoning it, or with more sophisticated equipment seem to be talking to themselves. We used to call them blithering idiots.

The world of elsewhere must be a wonderful place.

Q: When has Political Correctness reached the depths of hypocrisy?

A: It's this Happy Holidays junk.

How many fools in this country don't know why at a certain time of year the schools close for a few days, employees get some days off, congress goes home for a while, presents are exchanged, and there is briefly a spirit of goodwill. Doesn't it have something to do with a certain Birthday on December 25?

January 1 is just some hoopla thrown in as an extra; and then its back to work on January 2. It has all the sentimentality of a hangover.

The catalyst, the reason for being, is Christmas Day, December 25, and the immediate days before and after.

So why these vicious attacks on this institution? It has to be the hypocrisy of Political Correctness: We may offend somebody. One good question might be why don't the so-called offended just ignore the whole thing? Swallow the bitter pill for a few days. Choke it down. Take a day off. It won't destroy the psyche.

Did you ever think how far Political Correctness could go? For instance we could offend England for celebrating the Fourth of July.

We should stop celebrating Veterans Day because they sometimes had to kill people. Stop remembering the Alamo. Our Mexican friends would like to forget it. Don't call the attack on Pearl Harbor "A Day of Infamy." The Japanese just had an off day. Stop making great movies like The Godfather. It's an insult to our Italian citizens. Never tell an ethnic joke, except for those reserved for WASPS, who are legitimate targets.

It hasn't gotten that bad yet. But what we do have to deal with could make you want to stand up and yell, enough is enough!!! Leave us something, for crying out loud!!!

Political Correctness is a great lie because it denies truth in order to suit the particular interests of certain individuals or groups. And nothing is more hypocritical than this Happy Holidays baloney.

We all know why we have holidays around this season of the year. Anything else is tap-dancing around the truth. Leave it alone!!!

The Answer man
The Answer Man