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City Council meets for November

Thursday, November 29, 2012

During the regular session of the Malden City Council held Monday, November 19 at Malden City Hall, the Council passed one resolution, approved budget amendments and agreed to a request from the Malden School District concerning stop sign placement.

All eight Council members were in attendance for the November meeting.

During the time designated as an open forum for public input, Roger Fowler, pastor of the United Voice of Zion and owner of a business on South Madison presented a complaint to the Council. Fowler claimed that as the City's code enforcement officer Danny Grant informed him of violations of City policies, he complied with those requirements. He said however, that he was still issued a summons to municipal court and that parts of his property was damaged by equipment which he believed belonged to Grant and a fence on his property was removed. He also stated that this equipment and the operators trespassed on his property and when authorities were contacted, nothing was done about it. He stated that he felt he was not being treated fairly in Malden and asked the Council that they ensure that people are being treated fairly by the code enforcement officer. After much discussion and questions from members of the Council, Fowler was advised that the only person who could decide if he was in compliance would be the municipal judge. Councilman Ron Dell asked Fowler to chronologically document his complaints and send the letter to the City.

October's Council meeting minutes were approved with amendment.

City Treasurer Stephen Crump reported that around $604,000 was available in the City's General Fund, $67,000 was available in the cemetery fund, $30,000 in the Street Department Fund, $144,000 in the Park Fund, $114,000 in Economic Development, and $93,000 in Capitol Improvements.

"We're about $9,000 ahead of budget, so far so good," clarified Crump.

He also requested monies for a computer and complimentary software. Recently, the server crashed which the City uses and it was noticed that there was a need for upgrades in equipment.

A motion was passed to instruct the City Attorney Michael Mowrer to draw up an ordinance creating a four way stop at Towery and Broadwater and instal no parking signs between Stokelan and Alberta on the north side of Broadwater.

Councilman Ken Thompson presented recommendations from the Public Safety Committee, specifically requesting an extension of personal leave time. Some employees are on medical leave and because of that, others are unable to use their personal time before the deadline. Thompson also requested that going into effect with the next election for Chief of Police, that salary be increased from $43,000 to $53,000. That salary amount will be in place for the four year term beginning in 2013.

A request by the Street Department to purchase a snow plow replacing an older plow was approved. Street Department Supervisor Kurt Krepps explained that the City traditionally has maintained three snow plows at all times.

City Administrator Ted Bellers reported that all members of the Park and Recreation Board were reviewing plans and surveys. He also reported that the Board of Public Works is still moving forward with the waste water treatment facility and that there should be new bills with a break down of fees.

He also reported that the City of Malden has recently received the $648,000 reimbursement from FEMA for damages incurred during the 2009 ice storm.

Councilman Thompson reported leaking faucets at the camping facility at the Airbase.

Councilman Robert House explained that he would like the budget to be amended to include $4,000 to purchase radios, flashlights and hard hats for the Emergency Management Agency. EMA Director Jim Hollingshad explained that volunteer weather watchers are experiencing communication problems with the current radios and they are unable to hear each others reports of storm locations.

Mayor Ray Santie appointed Linda Graves to the Malden Arts Commission.

The December City Council meeting was rescheduled to December 10 at 6 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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