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KHS Drama Dept. performs 'Charlotte's Web'

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo provided The cast of the KHS Drama Department's production of "Charlotte's Web" poses on stage at the Kennett High School.
The Kennett High School Drama Department recently put on its production of "Charlotte's Web."

Before the main showing, the audience was treated to a pre-show, "12 Angry Pigs," a "Twelve Angry Men" spoof, put on by the Drama Day Camp participants.

"12 Angry Pigs," by Wade Bradford, is a short play in which the "Big Bad Wolf," portrayed by Marshall Brown is on trial for blowing two of the "Three Little Pigs" houses down.

During the majority of the pre-show, the jury, made of all pigs are determining the verdict of the "Big Bad Wolf," thinking back to statements made by "Little Boy Blue," played by Ben McMullun, and the "Big Bad Wolf."

The jury of pigs were portrayed by Bella Rouse as Pig 1, Jonathan Jain as Pig 2, Lotti Hoffman as Pig 3, Anelle Harris as Pig 4, Dallas Campbell as Pig 5, Audrey Phillips as Pig 6, Alyssa Crafton as Pig 7, Meg Mobley played Pig 8 on Friday evening's production, while during Sunday's Matinee, Sydney McAtee played Pig 8, Natalie Daniels as Pig 9, Carolina Hoffman as Pig 10, Ziona Smith as Pig 11, Whitney Hicks as Pig 12, Hannah Marquez as Pig 13 and Kayleigh Edwards as Pig 14 for Friday nights showing and Meg Mobley for the Matinee on Sunday.

After much deliberating and determining that the "Big Bad Wolf" was not guilty, the play ended by "Little Red Riding Hood," played by Jetta Tillman, rushing in to exclaim to the "Bailiff," portrayed by Caleb Damron, to arrest the "Big Bad Wolf," when the "Judge," played by Jayden Tillmon, is ready to release the defendant, the "Big Bad Wolf."

After the audience was warmed up from the "12 Angry Pigs," it was show time for the High School students to portray their version of "Charlotte's Web."

The 60-year-old "Charlotte's Web" is said to be one of the most beloved children's books of all time. Most remember reading the book as child, or some may remember seeing the 1973 film version or the 2006 remake of the film. The high school students performed the production for the Masterson Elementary Students, the South Elementary School Students and for their fellow students at the High School. According to The Drama Department Director, Ashley Jewell, the young children loved the animals and even imitated them as they were leaving.

The students began their countless hours of rehearsal in September of 2012.

Throughout the production narrators told the story of "Charlotte's Web." The narrators were Alli Mowrer, Kara Heeb, and Rachel Lane.

The story "Charlotte's Web" is centered around a pig, Wilbur, played by Jacob Qualls, who when first born, is the runt of the litter. Fearing the runt may not survive as a piglet, John Arable, played by Jacob Deck made the decision to kill Wilbur. John's daughter, Fern, played by Ali Hoffman detests the killing of Wilbur and suggests that she raise and nurture Wilbur. John Arable agrees, but as Wilbur grew older, John and his Wife, Martha Arable, played by Lindsay Crafton, once again said that the pig must go.

Wilbur was then sent to a neighboring farm owned by Fern's Uncle Homer and Aunt Edith Zuckerman, played by Jackson Britt and Kacy Oldsen, where Fern could continue to visit Wilbur. While in the barn at the Zuckerman's farm, Wilbur became close friends with Charlotte, a spider who also lived in the barn, played by Lydia Jain. Wilbur also get acquainted with a rat named Templeton, played by David Bell.

While on the Zuckerman's farm, Wilbur is also introduced to; three geese played by Marcy Barns, Sarah Wheeler, and Keragan Cunningham; Gander played by Blake Padrones; the Sheep played by Kate Shetley and the lamb played by Kelsey Walton.

When the Zuckerman's made the decision to slaughter Wilbur for a profit, Charlotte is determined to save his life. Charlotte began to spin messages into her web to trick the Homer Zuckerman and his farm hand, Lurvy played by Joe Mobley.

When Homer Zuckerman and Lurvy discover the messages in the web, they believe that it is a miracle due to Wilbur. Following a second similar incident, the Zuckerman's call a reporter, played by Jessica French, to write a story on it. After a third incident, Homer Zuckerman decided to place Wilbur in the County Fair.

At the County Fair, Fairgoers played by Gabby Arnett, Quentin Walker, Cheyenne Gibbs, and Will Heinen, were in attendance. The announcer who spoke during the County Fair scene was played by Brenden Sweger.

Spectators, played by Sofia Ezquivel, Mica Johnson, observed Wilbur, while the judges, played by Hunter Henderson, and Rocky Bost got ready to decide who was the prize winning pig. Another pig in the competition, Uncle, played by Emmanuel Sheard, ended up winning the competition.

Towards the end of the production, it was revealed that Charlotte would soon die. Charlotte died at the County Fair, where she had laid her eggs.

Following Charlotte's death, Wilbur and Templeton take the egg sac back to the barn where the eggs hatched and all of the 514 baby spider's, except for three of them, drift away.

As for the remaining three baby spiders, played by Katie Rebstock, Karley Wake, and Reagan Blue, they decided to stay at the barn

Throughout the production, the audience members were also introduced to characters such as;

Avery Arable, played by Garrett Donehoo and Young Wilbur, played by Andrew Hindmon

The crew, who worked behind the scenes to assure that each scene was ran smoothly, consisted of Dalisha Smith, Mallory Pazanowski, and M.C. Hudson. The lighting crew was Sidney Olson, and Gage Olson. The stage manager was Mallory Pazanowski.

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