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Monday, May 2, 2016

Honeymoon's over

Sunday, November 18, 2012

So you're the president of some country--some once-important country, once-serious country--and you are fighting, almost literally, for your re-election. On like the most historically important and serious date on your country's calendar in terms of national security, four national heroes are mowed down like sitting ducks-with-wings-duct-taped. If al qaida had needed time to re-load, there would have been ample boatloads of it.

As the father of one of the heroes has testified, his son thought he dialed 9-1-1 (on September Eleventh, get it? Can you imagine the thoughts of a man coming up with that 'joke' in front of congress just to make a point?), and got a dial tone.

There's this: One of the Navy SEALs, during the carnage, "lighted up a target." What does that mean? He intentionally aimed his laser beam at a live target, and no SEAL ever does that without knowledge that there are assets airborne watching and ready to take that target out. Otherwise, you are a dead man. Whether or not that asset was in fact there AND whether or not it had the orders to fire or NOT will be a subject of a trial. Soon.

But why?

Why ever should 4 heroes have to have their livesdeaths in question? Why are they dead? Why over 10 weeks later are "we" just now wondering? And, oh....., btw: Why is the most decorated and (as of a couple weeks ago) most widely respected military hero in said country now a joke having to explain himself to two intelligence congressional committees after resigning his post at the C.I.A.?

See opening paragraph.

As a recent FB post read: "Nobody died in Watergate."

Here's the deal as it stands on the record, finally, today (most of these facts were known to anyone paying attn as far back as September 13th, and most of us are getting more upset by the day if we're right, punintended. I mean it was truly stomach-turning to brush my teeth THIS MORNING to the 'news' that the whole idea that the Benghazi target practice was 'caused' by an online comedy video was "NOW" in question [Andrea Mitchell NBC "News"]):

Patraeus knows immediately on the night of 11sept12 that it's terrorism. Hell, everybody does. President is paranoid. Scared to death of having a terrorist attack on September Eleventh affect negatively on his career. So, instead of even trying to squelch it (i.e. save a few hero's lives--remember, at least two of the men murdered went into that butchery AGAINST EXPLICIT ORDERS--), a plan had to be set in place actively and early in order to keep being re-elected.

Somebody had heard something about some murmurs around the outskirts of the Middle East about some commercial or something--a FB post maybe?--who knows. Hey that'll work! Hell, anything'll work. Who's going to question us? OK, let's massage that. We'll call it a movie. Yeah, yeah! Ok. Hey, Earl, get the guys in P.R. to call our buddies @ NBC or CNN or whoever. Tell them we're sorry about the 4 guys, blah, blah, and that we're on the heels of this big-time "Anti-Muslim Movie" producer in Los Angeles (is it?), and justice will be served. And yeah, about how we'll of course chase around the protestors or something and we won't rest blah, blah. I gotta get the president on a plane (to Libya?)-- Hell no, Vegas baby!

So Patraeus says stop. What about the truth? The Administration says no, you stop. Or we'll spill the two bimbos. Everybody in half the Afghan provinces knows about them. Kelley, and Broad-something. Patraeus says yes sir. And for that he will forever be known as a traitor to millions who hold our military in high regard. But he just couldn't keep it to himself any longer. So he's coming clean today.

Trouble is, the president is still president today.

[For you Clinton legalese fans: Obama never once owned up to instructing Rice directly to lie to the 5 news shows in September. He, on 3 separate instances, said 3 different ways that 'it wasn't me'. Watch the tape. Or don't. If the networks are worth their salt, they'll run it for you soon during a hearing or two.]

Brian Mitchell
This Settles That