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Council approves 4 a.m. business closing times

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Staff photo by Lecia Forester Kennett Chamber of Commerce Director Meg Benson gives her monthly report to the Kennett City Council.
During Tuesday evening's meeting of the Kennett City Council, the board approved two ordinances, allocation of funds for Christmas decorations as well as approval of a bid for police radio equipment.

The first ordinance dealt with a subject that has been previously discussed in other council meetings, the closing time of certain businesses in the city. City Attorney Terry McVey brought an ordinance that he had prepared and read it to the council twice. It notes that any business license of an establishment that is open from 1:30 a.m., to 4 a.m., is subject to revokation if it fails to do the following.

* Consent to a fire inspection during those hours if the business is open to the public at the time of the request;

* If the license holder knows there is alcohol on the premises or the parking lots adjacent to the establishment and fails to report it to the police unless the property has a valid liquor license;

* If the license holder knows there is illegal drug activity on the premises and fails to report it to the police;

* It can also have its license revoked if it fails to have permanent lighting outside the business.

* The license can be revoked if the license holder fails to control its customers. It is the responsibility of the license holder to report it to the police if a customer becomes unruly or abusive. It is also on the license holders shoulders to properly take appropriate and necessary steps to supervise the premises immediately outside the establishment, as well as keep it free from litter. It also cannot become a gathering location for customers. Reasonable steps should also be taken, based on past incidents, to prevent people from disturbing the peace, fighting, discharging firearms, or threatening or intimidating passers-by, and shall not permit such persons to engage in lewd or lascivious behavior.

Following a brief discussion, all council members present voted in approval of the ordinance.

Approval was also granted to a plat of the Sutton Place Subdivision No. 3 to the City of Kennett. This had been previously approved by the City Planning Commission and now by the city council under the following conditions:

* The dedication of easements for sanitary sewers, water mains and storm drains as approved by the Board of Public Works;

* Approval of drainage plan by Street Commissioner;

* Installation of sewer, water mains, manholes and fire hydrants to be installed in accordance with plans and specifications as provided by or approved by the Board of Public Works.

Before the actual completion of the improvements, the subdivider may file with the city clerk a surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit or cash that may be placed in escrow with the city to secure the completion of the actual constructions of the improvement within 24 months in accordance with the plans that have been approved.

Council members also approved allocation of funds in the amount of $12,000 from the Tourism/Marketing Fund. Sarah Graves, executive director of the Kennett Revitalization Program, was present at last night's meeting. She noted that the current decorations are faded and considered to be a safety hazard as well as being over 30 years old. City Light Gas and Water have recommended that they not be used again and are deemed a liability to the city. The two year plan that Graves presented to the council involves the purchasing of Mountain Pine wreaths, pole wraps, bows and banners for 27 of the new city light poles.

Also approved was a bid from West Tennessee Communications in Dyersburg, Tenn., in the amount of $14,263.40 for radio equipment. Officer Mark Goddard was present at the meeting to address the council regarding the radios. Goddard noted that the city would be replacing a replacement console known as a voip (voice over internet protocol). The console which the department has now will not be capable of broadcasting after Jan. 1, 2013, due to narrow banding.This is the last piece of equipment that the city has been working on. It is up to the city to provide funding for this since the federal government will not fund this. This is not a budgeted item and Mayor Jake Crafton suggested that the money be taken from the Capital Improvement tax which council members approved.

In department reports, Meg Benson, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, informed Council members that the Chamber Transportation Committee has met for a second time and the focus was the expansion of Highway 412 from Kennett to the Arkansas line. Representatives from MODot , Bootheel Regional Planning and Paragould, Ark., were also in attendance. What came out of the meeting was getting the project started in terms of environmental work.

"MODot might have some money to be able to put toward that," she said, adding, "If we can prove we're earnest in our funding strategy and if we're earnest about starting the environmental work, we have a chance of getting greenlighted more quickly by the Missouri Department of Transportation and that pitch would be made in early December by Bootheel Regional Planning Commission." There was talk of providing a letter of commitment from the City of Kennett.

"What we talked about was the city might be prepared to put up 50 percent of the cost of the environmental work up to a ceiling of $25,000, the rest to be matched by MODot for work that it would take probably about a year to do," Benson added. She noted that she was putting this in front of the council as a request. Council will further discuss this matter. Different funding avenues will have to be explored.

Benson noted that the Chamber's Appreciation Dinner will be on Thursday, Dec. 6. Council members, city representatives, department heads, Board of Public Works, the existing Chamber board, the five new board members are all invited. The event will be held at the Presbyterian Activity Center.

Benson added that the Christmas parade will be on Friday, Dec. 14. If anyone is interested, they should call the Chamber of Commerce at (573) 888-5828.

Graves in her report noted that Thursday, Dec. 6, will be Christmas Downtown with all of the downtown businesses and after the parade, Santa will be greeting parade attendees on the courthouse steps. Also, for the third year in a row , Dec. 24, the "Hallelujah Chorus" will once again be performing downtown.

Also, present at Tuesday's meeting was Randy Carter, street commissioner, who gave the street/water/sewer report. He reported that the department has just gotten a new traffic counter. It has been put to use on Fifth Street. Two basic things that the counter can do that the department is looking at includes, total number of vehicles going over it and how many are going east and west. He added that later on this should prove to be a valuable tool because it will be able to tell what type of vehicle went over it as well as determining the speed of the vehicle which will prove valuable for the police department.

This will also help determine the most traveled roads in the city when the time for repairs come.

In the fire department report, Fire Chief John Mallott reported that in October, there had been 102 total calls. Breakdown of wards are as follows:

* Ward one- 25;

* Ward two- 28;

* Ward three- 18;

* Ward four- 18;

* Ward five- 12.

Total came to 101 calls. Medical response calls numbered 62 with 392 year-to-date.

Regarding the property maintenance office, there were 54 letters of violation issued with 13 court cases. For the year, there have been 733 letters sent and 98 court cases so far this year. Violations include trash, grass and weeds and swimming pools.

Other matter discussed included a city ambulance service. Fire Chief Mallott will be researching this and report back to council. Also, the council approved Monday, Dec. 24, as a day off so employees at city hall will have a four day weekend.

The next council meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., Dec. 4, 2012.

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