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Time for Talk

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday, Nov. 12

Veteran's Monument Erection - 1987

1987 marked the erection of the Veteran's Monument that graces the southeast lawn of the Dunklin County Courthouse. Now a TALK tradition, this show has been run each year since that year. It is good to remember especially as Nov. 11, rolls around when our thoughts turn to honoring those who died to keep us free. TALK's files watch as the process of construction and installation of the monument unfolds. But the real kicker is the unveiling of the names of loved ones long gone whom we loved.

Tuesday, Nov. 13

The Deering Legend No. 1 - Ophelia Wade.

The Bragg City community had much to boast about in the late Ophelia Wade, historian extraordinary.. Author of several books, her stories bring to life the early days of the area and especially, tonight, of Deering, Missouri. Organized by the Wisconsin Lumber Company at the height of the timber boom at the turn of the century, Deering became a typical "boom town" but it's characteristic was somehow different to other towns of the period. Historian Ophelia Wade is now deceased. .

Wednesday, Nov. 14

The Deering Legend No. 2 - Ophelia Wade

It is the end of the timber boom in the Bootheel. Ophelia describes the transformation of Deering from a thriving, highly typical Timber Boom Town to a quiet farming town. But the transformation was not easy -- stumps of the cut trees were everywhere. Although the timber provided tremendous income activity the remaining stumps proved to be quite a handicap.

Thursday, Nov. 15

Dunklin Democrat Archives No. 4 - The Years 1900-1901

Only three public hangings took place in Dunklin County in the 20th century. Tonight as we look at the years 1900 - 1901 in the Archives of the Daily Dunklin Democrats files, we will see that a man by the name of Tettaton was hanged for the murder of his step-mother-in-law whom he hired killed. The terrible aspect of the slaying was that two children were also killed with her. Then, reminding us of our present difficulty with a log jam in the Saint Francis River, it was reported in 1901 that navigation had become virtually impossible because of the build-up of drifts of dead trees and "smart weeds". You will have to tune in to hear the outcome of a real scandal having to do with this problem.

Friday, Nov. 16

Old Dixie Park Disappears - 1986

Faded from our presence is old Dixie Park once located at the east junction across from Mcdonald's. The Oxford Inn, Burger King, and 88 Motel Inn are there now belying the tremendous importance of the "park" in Kennett's history. It was never owned or maintained by the city yet it became a focal point of activity for the town. It could be that the street named Dixie Roadway will be Kennett's only reminder of this significant historical point. In 1986 TALK took a look at the plans to take away the old motel, the old Steakhouse and the stately trees which marked a once beautiful area of our town.