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The World's Most Popular Dish

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Couscous Ala Abdul-Sauce

1 Onion, Large Chopped of diced

1 Lamb, Leg of Cut into chunks

2 Tomatoes, Large cans Chopped peeled tomatoes into pieces

2 Parsley

Seasonings - (Must be added to your own taste)

Experiment to reach our own desired taste

Salt To taste

Pepper To taste

Allspice Start with less than one teaspoon

Cayenne pepper Start with less than teaspoon

Paprika Start with less than one teaspoon

1 Chick Peas, one can Mexican Cambanza

4 Potatoes, large peeled and cut into long waves

1 Bell Squash, large pale yellow to tan in color and pearl in shape

You can use sweet potatoes or turnips. Also you can use two

drops of rose water.

Directions for cooking

1) Saute onion and parsley and braise lamb pieces

2) Add tomatoes paste that is mixed with approximately

cups of water

3) Add peeled tomatoes and juice

4) Add seasoning now -- or they can also be added during

the last part of browning process. That is when I

usually add the first spices.

5) Bring to boil -- lower heat and simmer (covered)

Stirring periodically for HOURS or until the meat is

done and begins to fall of the bones.

6) During the hours of simmering check the baste of lamb pieces.

Have A Happy

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas