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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thoughts on....

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Raining all week. Must be Fair week.

Get out and get amongst 'em.

Have never completely wrapped my fenders around that Bumper Car Derby, is it? But apparently I am virtually alone in this. Y'all have fun ! (Go, Millers!) Saturday night...Bunch of hairly-legged hopped-up young men driving equally hopped-up hot rods aiming at one another with abandon. Hell, I can boot up a webcam above I-270 in STL to see that.

It's Delta Fair week, must be time to cast our eyes northward and check on our Autumn Cardiac Attack Cards.

Let's see, as of this writing the so-called Magic Number (# of Cardinal wins + # of LADodger losses needed to clinch play-off berth) is @ 4. This season has topped them all to date in terms of constant level of sheer frustration, with hardly ever a moment to breathe. Mike Matheny's new charge has not over-whelmed him as yet; but there have been times when I'm sure he questioned his latest career move.

St. Louis has lost as many 1-run games this season as they had in the previous 6 seasons combined, yet they continue to battle. Speaking of #4, Yadi Molina has sometimes literally carried this team on his Appleseed-sized back. His best compadre gone, he has shined. Can he/they carry on? (Candy and I hope to be able to answer that for you guys in person. Bags are packed for the ATL for the Friday one-game playoff!)

Baseball playoffs mean good old Mizzou football. Now in the S.E.C.....

Was telling/poking my little brother (Ole Miss, Class of '86) about how we up here in Missouri can walk and chew gum at the same time--y'know: Follow baseball and football simultaneously--in other words, thanks Cardinals, for giving us a truly dependable contender.

Autumn has become to mean The Copperocity Classic lately. Thorougly enjoyed participating in both the golf with family and friends as well as playing drums behind my handicap-accessible new drum set last weekend. Special thanks to the entire Collier/Dewberry tribe in so honorably honoring Big Chim.

Re Libya: There's hope. Trust me.

And speaking of the Autumn of a man's career arc brings me, sadly, to our own Yadi (Yoda?)-- Bud Hunt, who has finally announced what we all knew to be true. He was, in fact, truly using this little ole newspaper as a means-to-an-end, a Bowling-Green-to-Mizzou, if you will.

He is leaving us. He'll have a much better View of a bigger Square now, and we wish him all the best. No town--no metropolis--could wish for a better, more concerned, citizen. Always upbeat, never contentious (he's really an editor?), optimistic almost to a fault. I mean, come on. He still insists that his decision to allow me this space was, "not near my worst professional call to date."

Bud (he lets me call him that), it has been good to citizen along side you. Keep in touch.

Brian K. Mitchell, an R.Ph., is the owner of Mitchell Pharmacy in Kennett. He can be contacted via e-mail at bmitchellrph@gmail.com, or log on to www.mitchell-pharmacy.com.

Brian Mitchell
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