Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Third Annual Copperosity Classic is now a memory. A great memory.

The Collier Family: Kay, Jimmy, Shelly & Matt, annually use their time, energy and means to create an exciting celebration. They do this in memory of their dad, Jim Collier. To quote the family, "to continue his legacy of humor and all-around goodwill for the community he loved so much."

They have help. Far-away friends and family join this community to make this event the success that it has become.

This year the Kennett #39 Educational Foundation is the fortunate recipient of the proceeds. This money will be used to enhance the educational opportunities for all the children in the district.

Yes, the Copperosity Classic is a good memory. More than that, it was a time of reunion and time of re-newing old acquaintances. It was a time to take pride in our town, and pride in the folks who grew up here, who remember, return and so generously give back.

Thank you, Collier Family, and all who made this memory possible. See you next year.

Ada McHaney