Learning to serve

Thursday, September 27, 2012
With a sweet smile and kind word, Alexis Kiersey served lemonade to Alps customers at Second General Baptist Church's free food booth.
Chris Foust and Dakota Richards encouraged drivers to stop in from free refreshments on Saturday morning.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, Sep. 22, a group of volunteers gathered at the Malden Nutrition Center for breakfast. This was not the usual crowd for that establishment. These patrons were filling their stomachs for a long morning of giving to others.

Eight local churches participated in the annual Mission Blitz which is part of a movement to take one day and serve others.

Many were offered a glass of lemonade or a hot dog. Some lucky individuals were given free car washes. Eye glasses were cleaned and cookies were delivered,

Participating churches collected can goods for the Malden Nutrition Center.

Mission Blitz is a volunteer, nationwide program which has began in recent years. Churches chip in to help in ways they feel they can. According to the t-shirts the volunteers wear, it is all about remembering that "God is in this city".

Youth and adults from First General Baptist and First Presbyterian combined efforts to give free car washes as part of Saturday morning's Mission Blitz held in Malden.

Any monetary donations which recipients of the good deeds gave were forwarded on to the BRAVE shelter.

The Mission Blitz organization encourages each of us to participate in acts of kindness every day of the year.

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