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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Back to school time

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shoppers in Missouri will be scooping up bargains this weekend in part because of a sales tax holiday. The state is waving its 4.225 percent sales tax in an effort to help consumers save a little bit on clothing and other school supplies (including computers). Merchants will also see a benefit as their sales should bump a bit, given the history of such "holidays."

Shopping for back to school is not something new. Consider the following.

Local merchant W.F. Shelton, Jr. & Co., had just the thing for young lads wanting to look their best on the school grounds.

Boys' Vestee Suits were offered for a mere $2.25 -- this suit was "made of fine all wool and available in a medium light color."

Boys' Knee Suits were also available and at the same sale price -- These suits were "made of fine all wool Cassimeres in neat brown and gray checks, double-vested coats, knee pants; suits that are in style and the kind that will stand rough wear and available in ages (sizes?) 8 to 16."

Boys' Crash Suits were yet a third option and on sale for $1.00. "The ideal suit for hot weather. Made of good quality crash, round cut coat, knee pants, ages 5 to 14." I went on the Internet in an effort to learn more about a "crash" suit, but the only thing I could turn up in the way of a description were suits for men engaged in such activities as you would expect a crash suit being necessary.

And to finish off the dapper young man don't forget the "Boys' Hosiery" and "Boys' Underwear." The merchant also wanted to let shoppers know just what they thought of his merchandise.

"Digest this: We never over-praise an article. Cotton is simply cotton here. Fast black means the kind that will not fade. The other fellow has our consent to sell the trash.

Specials, Boys' ribbed cotton hose, fast black, seamless; big value at our price, 3 for 25 cents or 10 cents per pair." And you thought politics were nasty.

Those were the bargains to be had on the square in beautiful downtown Kennett in the summer of 1901. Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton, who found the ad on the pages of the weekly Dunklin Democrat on Friday, June 28. No word of a sales tax holiday, but the merchant was offering a free seven and one-half inch Cannon Fire toy to lads up to age 15 who came in with mom or dad and bought a suit.

* * *

More young lads

From time to time I've shared our experiences with our 18-month old granddaughter. And yes, grandkids have taken on a new meaning now. So whenever someone speaks up about their grandchild I tend to listen a little closer.

At lunch one day last week Jack Holifield was telling about having a meal with his grandson, Jax. The two-and-a-half year old youngster was sharing his food with Papa when Jack said, "One for Papa Jax and one for Baby Jax." He was quickly corrected.

"It's not Baby Jax, it's Big Jax," the toddler told his grandfather. We had a good chuckle about developing personalities as toddlers learn to walk, talk and assert themselves.

Jack then showed us a photo his daughter, Stephanie, had sent him of Big Jax getting dressed up for Super Hero Day at daycare. Big Jax was going as Spiderman. The photo showed Big Jax looking at himself in the mirror. His mother said when Big Jax put the suit on he ran over to the wall and flattened out against it just like any good Spiderman should.

Apparently Big Jax has not yet fully developed his "Spidey-sense" because Papa Jax told us, "He didn't stick."

* * *

The country in which we live

Congratulations to all the gold medal winners. Now pay up.

I believe it was in 1996 when the tax code was changed making the winning of an Olympic medal a taxable event. Some folks see the disconnect in taxing an athlete for training hard and making a lot of sacrifices to represent their country in a competition then get slammed by that same country for doing it well.

Last week Sen. Marco Rubio introduced legislation that would exempt medals won after December 31, 2011 from an income tax. That sounds like a far and right thing to do and while I would be surprised the bill will pass with 100 percent of legislators agreeing to it, the majority will probably be overwhelming.

Then again, maybe not. After all, they didn't do it by themselves.

* * *

Funny stuff

During an on-air interview with liberal columnist Sally Kohn radio personality Don Imus asked her about a story on The Drudge Report telling of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton being heckled on a recent trip to Egypt. Kohn, no surprise, took exception to what she thought was the source-The Drudge Report. The exchange that followed was reported on mediaite.com and linked (no surprise here either, on Drudge).

"When one of Imus's producers said that Drudge linked to Reuters which had originally reported the story, Kohn changed her mind on the subject.

"'I was skeptical about Drudge and him as a source,' said Kohn, not the story itself.

"'Here's why the liberals are going to lose this time,' said Imus. 'It's because of people like you and President Obama who talk out of both sides of their mouth.'

"'Do you want to talk about anything else,' said Kohn. 'Or you wanted to make me look like a buffoon?'

"'I didn't want to make you look like a buffoon, you did that yourself,' said Imus."

* * *

One more funny

Donald Trump's advice to Mitt Romney -- Release your tax records when Obama releases his college records.

Bud Hunt is regional vice president, publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.