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How to save your food money. Vote on August 7, 2012.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a long time Kennett friend, who is a lady Senior Citizen, who calls me whenever the politicians are planning to do something foolish, which is most of the time. She does not agree with me most of the time but everyone once in a while she makes me think when she wants my advice on tax or political issues.

Here is her point on saving money on your food bill and everything else that you pay a sales tax. She wanted to know what my vote will be on the sales tax addition offset by the reduction of City of Kennett property tax and the reduction of some car sticker and some other minor taxes.

First I thought; Well, I have some rental property that I pay city property taxes and that will be a savings for me. So I figured that the City property taxes is really not that much of a savings versus the Independence Township taxes and the school taxes. Then I figured how much I spend at the Big Store on food for me. I eat lunch at the Kennett Community Building, so that is about 200 meals a year or $600.00. Take that from 365 times 3 meals a day and you have 895 other meals say at $4.50 per meal or $4,027.50 food costs for the year or about $335.00 a month. Remember I love to eat and cook therefore most Senior Citizens costs per meal is less than mine. My weight reflects that issue.

My Kennett property tax on each house is about $40.62. Figure is from the 2010 tax year. The Independence Township taxes for the same property was $272.58 each house. $40.62 reduction in taxes per one house versus an increase of $60.41in sales taxes at the Big Store. No contest for all low and middle class citizens in the city of Kennett. Vote No on August 7, 2012 on the Sales Tax Issue. This is using the council's increase rates.

What really set my mine on the issue is when does a weak mayor in a Mayor

Council , Third Class City with a possible weak city administrator who carries the papers around for the mayor and ten grumpy politician agree from one election to another. The City Attorney gives them advice but who voted him into that position? If the citizens vote in the increase sales tax, how can you be sure that the word of a city politician will be kept for ever on no property taxes for Kennett? I do not trust a promise from a politician versus a citizen voted increase in sales tax a fair deal that will be kept? Just look at our tax supported new farmer in our old industrial park.

Remember we are still paying that increase in sales tax for many more years and where is the new industries in the city? Also the citizens voted down the bonds to build the spec building and purchasing the land of a now well retired farmer. That land owner did what any person would do and I do not blame him or her for what they did.

So if this happens, remember our new citizens in the city are going to fill the gap with new businesses like one I have eaten in a couple of times that serves authentic Mexican dishes. Go to La Unika Tortillerlay*Taquerla at 804 St Francis Street which opened April 7, 2010. Prices are reasonable and their food taste great. But it helps to know the Spanish language. It is no problem ordering for if no one speaks English. They just call a person who is can take your order and then pass the phone to them and he tells them what to prepared. If there is a will to work, there is a way you can figure out how to make a living. I am for them to make a success at that corner down from the West Side Barber. Jack the Pizza Man also wishes them good luck. They are nice people and a real clean place plus they are hard workers. Remember them for authentic Mexican Beef Tacos with Guacamole Sauce and fresh green herbs and onions. It looks good, tastes good and I ate it real good.

If we keep going in our leadership of the council these recipes will soon be in order:

Paper Bread.

Take: 1 cup of Juniper Ash, 1 cup boiling water, 3 cups water and 1 cup Blue corn meal.

Mix 1 cup juniper ash with 1 cup boiling water. Put 3 cups water into pot. Boil. Strain the juniper ash into pot. Stir. Add 1 cup blue cornmeal. Stir. Let cool. spread on a hot griddle or stove with palm of hand. Be sure the layer is very, very thin.

The view of Kennett through one's personal tastes. Have a Happy

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas