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Thursday, May 5, 2016

"Roberts Shrugged. Americans Mugged"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday morning I became suddenly glad I wasn't a parent.

I also became a fan of our president's brain.

I cleared my schedule Thursday (o.k., it's my normal day off). Plopped down on the couch with a frosty beverage, the clicker, and my Tweeter. Both T.V.'s were focused on the news of the morning. There was to be an historic missive from On High at around 9.00 a.m. CDT. Obamacare, a.k.a. A.C.A., was about to deemed constitutional or not by our Supreme Court, starring John Roberts as, well, King Solomon.

Better get your popcorn.

9.08 a.m.: "secupp: Mandate down." (Twitter)

9.09 a.m.: "B R E A K I N G : SCOTUS: Indiv Mandate Is Unconstitutional" (FoxNews)

9.09.30 a.m.: "BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Mandate Unconstitutional" (CNN)

Whew. Armageddon averted. Power grab hand's slapped. Sanity reigns again. Let there be frollicking.

Then, almost simultaneously (Fox may have beat CNN in on-site reporter's ability to page-turn and speed-read; but I'm grasping here to save any dignity) the anchors -- sensing a turn -- alerted, "Wewe areare gettinggetting conflictingconflicting informationinformation."

Set em up Joe, and play "Walkin' The Floor." 'Cause I'm gonna be. All day long.

I'd already texted all my posse that the mandate had failed. And now, what? What could possibly have happened? How is a government mandate to opt in to commerce legal under a clause named Commerce? How can government direct an activity that by definition isn't active? If I'm alive I'm subject? Isn't that precisely why we're not speaking King's English any longer?

Next move , download the damn (damned) opinion and get to reading. Get me my glasses, Joe, and make it a double.

skimming..........hastily turning pages. yep. govt caint do it under commerce. then what? tax. . . huh? HUH? T A X?

Roberts + Kagen . This can't be good. Versus MY boys. Don Scalia + Thomas. T A X ?

reading........sl o w e r r n o w. Mute the damn media. Shut the F(ront door). This just got serious.

So Roberts, apparently late in the game, simply and earnestly and I believe carefully, did his job. He read the bill, he heard the orals, and he did what a clean vessel of truth is supposed to do. And here, by calling the individual mandate to buy something whether wanted or not, what it is--a tax, of course--is exactly what he did. After being b____-slapped by our president in the most public of forums some years back, The Chief did what the president knew he had no choice but to do. He drove the getaway car.

He defined what President Obama had done to get the law passed as an out-and-out deception/lie and further, maybe, offered anyone who voted 'for' in Congress based on their belief, driven home by President Obama and his minions in the media, that the mandate is not a tax the opportunity to change their vote if given the chance.

You see, when a man is a Constitutional Scholar and an activist of this man's intellect with a burning desire to get the U.S. private sector to bow down, this is what it looks like. You surrender all hope of getting anyone across the aisle to even pay attention to your crazy scheme to socialize 20% of the economy (ACA never had anything to do with health or care--see prior column), you literally buy the 3 or 6 votes needed to ram-rod through, you call anything anything in order to just get it TO the Supreme Court (you of course know it will have to; but that's the plan, don't you see?), and you sit back and watch. And Thursday at around 10.30a.m. your time, you smile that knowing smile.

(later Thursday)

NPR Reporter: Well I'm sorry to correct you, Mr. Insurance Company Executive, but the president didn't call it a tax, the Supreme Court called it a tax.

Really? Really, Mr. NPR Reporter? What changed about the mandate/tax between 8.00 and 10.00 Thursday morning? Nothing, thank you.

Except the hangover.

Brian K. Mitchell, an R.Ph., is the owner of Mitchell Pharmacy in Kennett. He can be contacted via e-mail at bmitchellrph@gmail.com, or log on to www.mitchellpharmacy.com.

Brian Mitchell
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