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Ready to stock the salt water pond

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cement pond update

A couple of weeks ago I noted that Randy Caldwell and his neighbor, Mark Moore, were putting in a salt water pond in Mark's backyard. I offered several suggestions as to the various types of fish they might stock since it's a little difficult to get fresh seafood this far from the coast.

I forgot to mention shrimp. Along with the tuna, grouper and red snapper; the shrimp will be a perfect fit to round out their offering.

I learned the hole was dug last week so they're getting close. In anticipation of the planned opening of their seafood pond Randy, his wife, Paula, and her sister, Pam Milum, took a trip to the gulf coast. I think they were checking out the prices of getting their initial stock shipped up here. One report I received said Pam was practicing casting a shrimp net so it sounds like shrimp might be on the menu.

Some of you folks think I'm kidding about this, but hear me out.

Do you think it's just a coincidence Country Mart opened its new grocery store directly behind the Caldwell, Moore and Milum manses and then these two guys decide to put in a saltwater pond? Not a chance. Mark and Randy saw an opportunity to make a buck and jumped all over the idea.

I would not be a bit surprised to learn CM store manager Randy Jackson committed to buy some of that fresh seafood -- think about it -- from the pond to the plate in minutes. Why, they don't have seafood that fresh on the gulf coast. The Country Mart deli will be offering up tuna steaks very soon.

Still no word on what they plan to charge those of us who like fresh seafood and no word on a "neighborhood" discount either.

* * *

Small world

Last week I was talking with a potential vendor we want to do business with in Nashville, Tenn. The fellow on the other end of the phone said he has a friend over there that, "says he knows everyone in Kennett."

When I asked the name he said, "Brian Zimmerman."

Well, I told him it's possible we've met but likely we had not. However, I said, "I know Brian's family. I knew his dad, Dr. Joe was a well-respected physician here, his mother, Jen and I have met Mike (Brian's brother)."

Dr. Joe passed away several years ago and Mrs. Zimmerman has moved as well. However, the family is still well known and has many friends here.

* * *

Editor is back

We're glad to note that the editor of the second most read publication in town is back on the job. Carl Williams has settled back in to his "mostly" volunteer job as editor of the weekly Kennett Rotary Club Newsletter.

Carl has been a board member of the local hospital for several years. Some folks have suggested his recent visit to a similar facility in a nearby town was an undercover, fact-finding mission on his part to see what he can learn about hospital procedures.

Myself and a bunch of Rotarians are glad he's back on the job. I imagine Barbara has quite the honey-do list that's been building up while Carl took his sabbatical, too. And at some point there's a set of golf clubs that are feeling like they've been abandoned and are starving for attention.

* **

Summer school

"Next time you clean out the attic, take a few minutes off to look over some of the old the textbooks you have stored and make a check on how accurate they were and then say, 'Well, I'll be darned, I believed that stuff when I read it.'

"The do-gooders were so active at the turn of the century that they had enough steam to influence the publication of textbooks to a point where they controlled them. The fathers and mothers and even the grandfathers and grandmothers of today read them and then took them for granted. They actually believed that if you put the amount of nicotine (pyrodine) that you could scrape out of the end of grandpa's pipe on the end of a cat's tongue that the cat would fall dead with convulsions...

"Just the minute you were given a book labeled 'Physiology' that four syllable monicker scared the dickens out of any nice, conscientious kid that took his or her textbooks home for the gospel.

"They taught you that a package of cigarettes had almost the potential of an atom bomb and if you ever ventured to smoke even one, chances were that you would drop dead.

"Health Habits, 'Never take an exercise after eating, it is the function of the stomach to digest food and any exercise taken diverts the activity of the blood stream to the muscles of the body which allows the digestive system to be without the blood that is needed.

"We can see the old man hitting the couch after a belly full of good cooking, thumbing through the pages of the old physiology for an air tight alibi as to just why he didn't hit the sink with a little bit of help on the dishes.

"One of the old textbooks writers was sure as the seeds in apples that if you had too much salt you were inviting cancer than also that too much salt would make your teeth fall out.

"All of this got to the point that a beautiful complexion certainly should be augmented by regular applications of the inside of a lemon peel. Buttermilk worked wonders for the skin too, and if you wanted to go to extremes to attract the boys you could sit on a piece of silk after the Saturday night dunk (usually in the kitchen). This was supposed to help your figure.

"We are fairly old-fashioned and have great respect for the way they did things some years ago but you can bet that we are not brushing our teeth with charcoal or chewing cinnamon sticks to get rid of B.O., and we would like to see the authentic old-timer that still has a sea shell to put his ear to each night to improve his hearing."

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated, historian, Vivian Helton who found this column by Whit Thrower about home remedies and political correctness on the pages of the DD on Tuesday, Jan 24, 1950.

Bud Hunt is regional vice president, publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.