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The French Market New Orleans and tips

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get out and do it.

Travels around the world gives one an experience you will never forget. I do it on a tight budget. For once in a "Blue Moon" type attitude, you can take one long or even a short enjoyable trip to a favorite spot, "New Orleans" or a special spot where you always wanted to travel, like a trip to Paris or for me Viet Nam.

How can you do this? Just read and plan and it will become a reality for a" quickie" trip.

Football for many is a way to drop bucks and think it is worth the costs to see "their", if they really mean it, team play big time NFL or even the slave labor football of the NCAA and their so called free education. But it is an excuse to travel.

Pack up your bags and head South to a Saints, LSU, Tulane, or others "Game Day" who play in the biggest, best and great night at the Dome. Obtain reservation at 7 on Fulton, New Orleans, La. 504-525-7555, for a place to sleep and really eat well and just do it. Tickets are a long range plan and dreams for the Saint's tickets and LSU, but the other tickets will not kill you. I just picked this eating spot because their menus reflect the kitchen's reliance on the best seasonal ingredients available, prepared with skill and inventiveness. How to like the word "inventiveness? It just jumps out and gets you when you see a dish that is inventive and say, "Why didn't I think of inventing it that way?"

The cuisine category for the spot is pure contemporary New Orleans. That is if you are a tourist and have money to spend, your dress is nearly acceptable. Be sure you have a shirt on.

So try some of these food ideas: 1. Lobster bisque with tortellini and lemon confit. 2. Seared scallops with smoked tomatoes and almonds with sauce hollandaise. 3. Duck breast, bacon lardons, and apple puree and a fresh hearts-of-palm salad.

The month of September of 2011 I traveled to Louisiana to catch upon NO cooking. One hip scene in a historic setting you do not want to miss and that is the French Market District. You all say, "Yes, I have visited the market." but really have to visited the market? Things are changing after the flood of the city.

Just opening is a place that serves up fresh caught seafood daily and offers curbside pickup and shipping. J's Seafood Dock will accept your order to go or to ship and they even have daily specials.

You can visit the Farmers Market to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner daily at the following location in the market district:

1. Alberto's Gourmet Wine and Cheese serves cheese plates, salads, and sandwiches.
2. Cajun Café at the Market for some great classic Cajun dishes.
3. French Market Produce for your fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and fresh lemonade.
4. Loretta's Pralines you and purchase muffins, cookies, pies and they are made fresh daily. Ca fait chaud, it's hot
5. Meals from the Heart Café, your vegetarian and vegan friendly café, should not be missed.
6. Mother's nature's Cupboard has fresh fruit and vegetables and great homemade jams and jellies.
7. Organic Banana serves the best Pina Colada in New Orleans. C'est bon! That's good

8. World Famous N'Awlins Café and Spice

9. Emporium has the classic Creole cooking, plus a full spice store. When there, stock up on your spices for the year. Lagniappe, A little something extra
10. The Country Store where you can buy what you can't find any place else.
11. Finely you can purchase fresh plants and garden decor from the Paradise Gardens.

Also, ask the locals for the inside story when you leave the French Market District.. They never fail. You can bring home more new and unique travel experiences if you just stick out our hand and ask. Unbiased insight from people who live and work in the neighborhood can trump advice from the pros every time. Firefighters, hotel chefs, taxi drives, maids, museum curators and bookstore owners are a great place to start. I found a great breakfast place from a bell man working the front of a five star hotel. I asked, "Where do you have breakfast when you get off work?" He said he could not afford this hotel but down one block, turn right and there is a good restaurant that serves a great breakfast. He was right.

The sea foods are in season, football is coming, and the kids are still in school. So now is the time to go.

Have A Happy!

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas