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The Art of Sopping

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Traveling comparisons of the way we do things in America and what the other cultures of the World handle their eating habits is an interesting observation. No! Let us say that the next table at a restaurant where you are eating also has their way of performing that are let us say different. But one thing is sure, all customers seems to get their fill.

When the present day "Senior Citizen" was just a child or just a kid, you ate in the kitchen and cleaned your plate. It has been mentioned and I have noticed the " Art of Sopping" is here and will stay here in America.

Remember when your old Grandfather would sit at eat in the kitchen with you. You stopped and questioned, "Grand paw, why aren't you eating at the big table?" No, it was not for keeping me quiet, but because Paw said that "Your mama don't like me sopping at the table when company is here."

I learned the art of sopping from many places during my adventures. Sopping can be done using any bread, roll, or cookie dipped into gravy, syrup, coffee, chocolate, or just any kind of juice that is good that is good to eat.

Now if you want to try sopping, try using cream and syrup. Take 1 plate with a ridge or soup bowl and pour 4 ounces of heavy, pure cream and 4 ounces of pure blue ribbon sugar cane syrup (maple syrup will do if that is all you have available) into the bowl and sop up with a hot roll, toast, biscuit, or even a piece of light bread.

You are now in heaven! You now know the art snooping and you can venture out into the world with a new zest in your life and you are now or ever will be the same again.

Now let me expand on the art of sopping. You can sop with leftover cornbread or biscuits for breakfast with maple syrup. Use toast and cover with spaghetti sauce, soak up corn bread in pot liquor. For the newer citizens around, pot liquor is the liquid left from cooking greens such as turnip, chard, or mustards. When maw isn't going to fix breakfast soon, you could remember him using pot liquor, and beans from the days he was a submarine sailor.

Now the modern day senior military proudly hands down to the new ranks and file the all time favorite, "SOS" (dried beef gravy) to sop with biscuits are over toast. Oh! they did not even cry if it was hamburger gravy. But don't forget the coffee.

Now one last thought, try hot biscuits dipped into a mixture of sorghums and grits with some country cured ham. Of course, hot coffee is always the side drink.

Finally, when things are tough, you can take a straw that has the end fixed to flex, and you the flex end to sop up the juices of what I have had identified to me as "The best gourmet juices around." Life will never be the same again.

To finish with the world of sopping, you are never far from a great sounding sop in any country that eats or sops soup, stews, or any juices left over by and side dish. Do not miss a thing with this new ideas of food and the art of sopping.

Have a Happy.

Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas

By Larry Eiker

The art of "Sopping" is not dance step but what we all remember our parents reminding us to use table manners.

Larry Eiker is a Kennett resident who enjoys traveling all over the world and experiencing great food, while bringing some of those ideas back home to the Bootheel to share with others.

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas