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Friday, May 6, 2016

'Call mee Conspirator-i-al'

Sunday, March 11, 2012

You and I pay pretty close attention to national issues, so called, right? Gas prices, unemployment rate, Israel, Iran, Wall Street v Main Street, the deficit, China, health care.

You know. The issues. The ones that, you and I like to think that the dolts that we elect might actually have some say in affecting. And even further, the ones that we may even have a sense of which way those same dolts would lean in doing so.

And once you and I get past those, we don't hold much hope out for much.

So how did George Stephanopoulos ever get a job? And does the fact that he not only got a job but one advising an extremely successful president straight out of the chute and is now the bell cow of one of the three national broadcasting news and entertainment networks proof that politics is nothing but another avenue of entertainment? Follow me here.

On that list of issues above where do you find government mandating churches to implicitly and absolutely hypocritically condone abortion? And further, where on that list do you find your position on that 'issue'?

Keep your eye on the ball, here; because that is precisely what these dolts hope you won't do. Let me explain. Remember in the debate that ABC hosted? Stephanopoulos, the cute one, as literally out of the blue as any question has ever been asked and that is saying something queried Mitt if a state had the right to outlaw contraception. Remember that?

Had you ever pondered that question? Had anyone? Seriously. Or, as my wife and her girlfriends are fond of asking, Oh rilly.

And you can check the tape. This question was quite prior to any talk anywhere of the Obamacare clause that effectively does in fact (the legal term) deem it necessary that a church must admit that it does not believe in its teaching(s) to its flock by definition (the legal term). But that is an entirely other issue for another day and another column. Trust me.

But isn't it interesting in this Spring that will soon turn into this Summer and Fall of Election Year 2012 when many of you are underemployed and all of us are really concerned about this country and are as sure as ever that Washington should resign just to see what happens, that the TV is pronouncing that contraception--and its less than $20/month pricetag--funding is on top of the list of our concerns. And not only that; but that how we frame this 'issue' is the even more important historic 'issue'. Who said? And when did 'they' decide? Who fed that question to Stephanopoulos? I'm semi-serious here. Absolutely N O B O D Y in that audience or in any living room or in any bar in this or ANY OTHER COUNTRY was wondering about THAT QUESTION AT THAT MOMENT. N O B O D Y .

So why did he ask it then?

To distract? To start a ball rolling? A reality show running?

Here's a question, George. Get the so-called News division of your network on this one. During the run-up to the late 2007-early 2008 bubble burst of the housing/financial markets, while all the Wall Street players were taking their profits, can you give us a ball-park pie-chart breakdown of where, by percentages or by gross billions of dollares (in US dollars please) these traders moved? Which Euro-Easter-Exoto cities ? Which countries? In other words, I'm hearing that 70 or 80 of the top hundreds of billions went almost exclusively to Singapore--which surpirsed me because of its somewhat penal tax code. Has the south of France truly fallen out of favor as a place for the ultra-rich ex-American execs to move? And what about Qatar as a new retirement plan. Did these guys get their familes out first? Pets?

And just this one final question for whomever wants to field it: Did they really laugh while still in U.S. airspace, or did they wait until they over the ocean?

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