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The Little Artist

Friday, March 9, 2012

Artwork by Jacob Anderson
Move over Picasso, there's a new artist in town. No, I'm not talking about Mihai Tomescu, although I do enjoy his work. I'm talking about the latest and greatest sensation, Jacob Anderson.

My son, who will turn 5-years-old next month, has really picked up the artist bug over the last year or so. He began with a doodle here and a doodle there, and ever so slightly increased his work rate.

Recently, I picked him up from preschool and brought him to the office with me until lunch. He told me he wanted to draw, so I grabbed one of my old reporter's notebooks, gave him a pen, and let him go to town.

I've watched as his skills have developed more and more, and what used to be squiggles are now distinguishable shapes and figures.

I now have taped to my computer at work three pictures that he drew for me during his visit to the DDD -- a picture of me and him wrestling in a wrestling ring, complete with the "W" logo of the WWE; a picture of the two of us standing side by side; and a picture of Google's bugdroid, the mascot for the Android Operating System (my son knows my mobile OS of choice).

While the images are still more stick figures than anything, he is catching on to things like proportions and size differences. It makes me, a fellow artist, very proud to say the least. I'm glad to see his love for drawing grow and develop and I can't wait to see what he comes up with in the future.

I started drawing at a young age and when I reached elementary school, I was persuaded, nay told, by a former art teacher at Senath-Hornersville (Go Lions!) that I "better take art" when I reached high school. I did, and I think Ms. Lea would tell you I was one of her favorite students (or at least I hope so anyway).

I will continue to help mold and develop Jacob's skills as he grows. If his passion continues, his mother and I will support it whole-heartedly, because as I read recently in a post on Google+, "The earth without 'art' is just 'eh.'"

George Anderson is the managing editor for the Daily Dunklin Democrat.

George Anderson
From the Desk