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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Thoughts On The Upcoming"

Sunday, February 5, 2012


For those of you who know me well, you are aware of my history of liking to wager on stuff. Which raindrop will fall the fastest on the window...Ants crawling across the deck out back...Elections (see below)...Even sports and things. So here we go in a feeble attempt at breaking down the Big Game (The N.F.L. mandates that we capitalize Big and Game).

First of all, a disclaimer. Beginning back when I had a little spending money fresh out of college, the Super Bowl was always an attractive wagering exercise. Since I am attracted to attractive anything, I exercised often. I can proudly report that my record in picking a winner with the point-spread is almost perfect. As in almost perfectly ravaged. As in I am literally 1 - 25. And the one that I picked correctly was the StL Rams v TEN Titans and that game finished within 0.5 points of the spread and less than 1 yard short of an outright loss. Let's just say a blind one-armed monkey throwing mud at a wall could handicap SB's better. Lots.

The NY Giants and NE Patriots, it could be easily argued, have been the two platinum franchises of the League for a generation. Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, et al have managed to thrive in an atmosphere of chaos calmly and strongly.

That they are here again after playing perhaps the most exciting SB four years ago is as much a tribute to ownership and coaching as it is the players on the field. Truly remarkable.

I saw the 2008 bout as a rout prior to the game. Some rout.

In this year's re-match I see the only possibility of a rout coming from, surprisingly, Big Blue. And they're the according-to-Vegas underdogs. Yes, Tom Brady IS God and all that; but I think Belichick has finally run out of wild cards and he's finally had enough coordinators leave him through hiring upgrades that his genious may be diluted. His defense showed signs of waking up in the playoffs; but the new speed-oriented old man Coughlin may have just the antidote at the two wide-out positions. These guys Nix and Cruz are as speedy as their names imply and they make the '07 Mizz Tigers look pedestrian.

NYG: 38

NEP: 19


Thoughts on the upcoming election (the U.S.A. mandates that we capitalize this, too. The heck with that!).

Our current president -- an ostensible liberal -- bailed out (paid off) the nation's big banks at their request. Voters thought that a lib would resign before allowing something as shameful as that.

Our last president -- an ostensible conservative -- expanded Medicare by a factor of 29% via his Rx drug expansion at the drug companies' request. Voters believed that the GOP believed in Business, not Government.

It's all a show. It may well have always been. Whichever candidate wins follows orders.

Not yours. And not mine.

$$$: 1

USA: 0

Brian Mitchell
This Settles That