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The First Bite of the Early Dawn

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Larry Eiker
Once again I have to say, "Breakfast is my main meal of the day."

How can it be any better waking up and kick starting the day with say chili sauce in your cup? No, I have all ways tried to eat the local foods and breakfast is included.

When living in London, England I even got to enjoy black pudding (blood sausage) and fried egg. The English toast does not have any competition in anyplace where I have traveled.

The Hong Kong experience of pork congee (porridge) with peanuts and green onions were available along all the shopping streets which were many and long in length.

My stop in Hungary introduced me to a kifli or a crescent-shaped roll with nut or fruit filling. Not bad if you get enough of the rolls with all the various fruits and nut fillings.

In the Middle East in countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt mashed fava beans with spices and pita bread is called ful medames. I really don't favor fava beans. But camel steaks were acceptable.

In South East Asia it is tapsilog or garlic fried rice, sausage, and salted eggs for breakfast. Also lots and lots of vegetable soups in hot broth were available.

Next on my schedule is to try Sweden's knachebrod (crisp bread), served with cheese and scrambled eggs.

In Spain most citizens sleep past breakfast but the ones who are awake try churros (fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar) and hot chocolate.

America has various regions that also have their various tastes.

* Cape Cod has their cranberries. Massachusetts

* Grand Traverse has their tart Cherry region. Michigan

* Fresno is the raisin district. California

* Indian River has its citrus district. I lived there once and learned that all the good oranges and grapefruit were shipped out of state. Locals got the "road kill."

* Hawaii has the Kona Coffee Belt. That is the big Island of Hawaii.

* Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt is in New York and Pennsylvania States.

* Wild Blueberries Barrens of Down East Maine makes a wonderful day hiking and picking the blueberries. When in Maine I was more interested for October to arrive so I could head for the mountains to ski.

* The Wild Rice Region is Northern Minnesota but Arkansas is pushing strongly with the .locally grown rice.

* South Mountain Fruit Belt is in Pennsylvania.

Throw in the whiting fish in Chicago, the Midwest pierogi pockets, enchiladas in South Texas, chili peppers of New Mexico, and pretzel in Pennsylvania and of course chowdah bowl along the New England coast. And not to be forgotten is the pork barbecue havens of Memphis, Lexington, Kansas City, St Louis, Ruston, La., and the Carolinas and all the others who think they are the best. The organics people hang out in Northern California next to the coffee grounds of the Pacific northwest.

You now see why I love to cook, travel and eat. If it looks good, eat it. Also if you love to cook, if it isn't broken, break it and try something new and different.

Have a Happy

Larry Eiker is a Kennett resident who enjoys

traveling all over the world and experiencing great food, while bringing some of those ideas back home to the Bootheel to share with others.

Larry Eiker
Eiker's Burgoo of Food Ideas