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The Answer Man

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Q: When does a series of remarkable circumstances produce an almost miracle?

A: A good example might be to study the life of Helen Keller.

There is a book in the new book section of the Kennett Library entitled "The Story of My Life" by Helen Keller.

Actually the book was written in 1903, but is a "Restored Classic," with new editors.

Had Helen Keller been born to a poor family instead of one very caring, and financially capable, she would probably have never received some of the attention provided by experts for the blind and deaf. This included no less a person than Alexander Graham Bell.

Anne Sullivan, unknown, and partially blind herself, arrived in Tuscumbia, Alabama to teach a child that through a mysterious illness was left blind and deaf before she two years old. Having only the senses of touch, smell, and taste to guide her, Helen stumbled through life like a wild animal ignorant to all but the basic needs.

Had not Anne Sullivan possessed a genius of her own, plus a tenacity equal to Helen's, it is doubtful if much could have been accomplished. Anne also had a patience bordering on sainthood; and learned through that to love her pupil.

Added to the remarkable set of circumstances, was Helen's mind. Sitting there trapped in obscurity, her brain was like a seething volcano waiting to surge to the surface. Anne Sullivan tapped that mind, and out it came a woman who mastered five languages, wrote thirteen books. and captured the admiration and imagination of the entire world.

What an amazing set of circumstances!!

Q: Why can't many politicians keep their pants zipped?

A: Some say it has to do with "power."

There was a TV show on the other night exploring why so many politicos get involved in sexual peccadillo. Some of the self appointed experts say it has to do with the aphrodisiac of power.

So what appears to be is that some otherwise harmless creature finds himself in a power position, and it reminds him of a lot of the good things he has been missing. So already with the inclination, he puts his power to good use, and finds many willing pushovers intoxicated by the same power.

The lesson here is that it is probably better to remain unknown, humble, and hopelessly frustrated.

Q: Do the sunshine states enjoy a tremendous advantage in either keeping or acquiring top rate athletes?

A: People go south to get out of the weather. They don't go north except to snow ski.

It may be a surprise to some people that the three colleges that have the most combined sports National Championships all come from the sunny state of California.

First is UCLA, followed by Stanford, and then Southern Cal.

Playing outdoor tennis in a Wisconsin winter can be a real booger; just as playing baseball on a frozen Missouri diamond is testy at its best. There are some Bootheelers who can remember the team having to do half their practices inside the old Brewer Field Hose.

How many great golf teams can be found in the Dakotas - even South Dakota?

The result is that Southern and California athletes stay where they are, and Northerners flock to the sunshine where they can get in a full season, enjoy swaying palm trees, and lust after girls still wearing bikinis past October.

Thank goodness for basketball. But even in basketball there is a thing called the "off-season." Where would you like to spend your off-season?

Q: What does "excretory etiquette" mean.

A: It would seem pretty basic, having to do with polite bathroom habits, human hygiene, etc. etc. Islamic Law, however, has a different twist.

Diana West's column for the DDD dated 12-6-11 had an incredible fact:

It seems that Islamic Law dictates that no one should pee in the direction of Mecca. Although Afghanistan is located 2,000 miles from Mecca, our Marines stationed there have been instructed to obey this command.

On the serious side this is ominous, and an insult to our fighting soldiers.

On the comical side there is a lesson hard earned by any boy from Western countries who is able to stand up and do his thing:

No matter what direction Mecca is in, do not pee against the wind!!!

The Answer man
The Answer Man