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The Answer Man

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Q: What does prejudiced mean mean?

A: Roughly, it is a perceived opinion or notion based on very few facts, or experience.

There is a fellow living not too many miles out of Kennett - and probably an okay guy in most respects - who seemed to really enjoy the Kennett Country Club burning to the ground.

Writing through the internet, he said he was glad no firemen were hurt, but other than that it was - to use his word - "hilarious."

It may have been a misprint, or it may be trying to convey some obscure contempt too nebulous to understand, but he said those elite $l,000 a month millionaires out there were gong to have a long cold winter. He surely can't mean their income is $ 1,000 a month, because that is $12,000 per year, which is below poverty level in this country. And if he thinks that the members at KCC pay as much as $1,000 per month in dues then his preconceived ideas are on Cloud Nine, floating in the Twilight Zone.

There are undoubtedly some well-to-do people who are members of the KCC, just as there are in just about every nook & cranny in this country, including church congregations, civic clubs, library memberships, county fairs, and calf ropings.

To the best of knowledge no financial status census has ever been taken at the KCC, but the bulk of the club is represented by just about every job description you would find anywhere. Some of the folks out there might be astounded to know anyone thought them elitist.

There are some retirees who are members - financial situation unknown. Just based on normal averages, there are probably some who belong comfortably, and others who strain the budget a bit.

The game of golf is the foundation for the KCC., just as it is in most country clubs.

Golf may be the culprit in forming some preconceived ideas about country clubs. A long time ago golf was thought of as a game for the country club set: guys running around in knickers, and conducting business over a putt.

Golf, however, has gone much further than that, spreading out all over our country, and the rest of the world. It is now a participate game for juniors, high school and college athletes, aspiring professionals, sports minded women, and seniors.

One beauty of golf is that there is no running, blocking or tackling involved.

As long as a person has reasonable health, no matter what age, he or she can limp out there and make a feeble swing at the ball right up to the visitation ceremony/

Avid golfers learned a long time ago that the least expensive way to play their game is - like group insurance - to form an organization where sheer numbers can reduce prices. It happens everywhere, from Florida to California. It doesn't have to be a country club, but paying dues at one is less expensive than even minimum green fees at most courses.

The KCC has for a long time been an asset for the City of Kennett, in renting out its facilities for class reunions, wedding receptions , birthdays, or any other special occasions. Membership is not required for these functions.

The Kennett High School Golf Team practices and plays its at home matches on the golf course, with no green fees required, and membership no factor.

Summer days will find the swimming pool at the club crowded with kids on the Kennett Swim Team. One again membership is not required, and the ages and ethnic mix could be compared to the letters in alphabet soup.

Not to be forgotten is that through its facilities, its members, and cooperative efforts , thousands and thousands of dollars have been raised at the KCC for charity. Just the Harold Simmons Memorial Golf Tournament & Auction alone has donated over a $million to the cancer fund, and the Delta Children's Home. Civic Clubs, The Chamber of Commerce, and other interested groups have raised many more dollars for charity.

The prestige or affluence of a country club is subject to many variations. Some are of course out-of bounds for the average citizen, just as they are in many other endeavors in life. A number of big city, and small town clubs, however, present a different picture; and should be looked at before making preconceived judgements. Know what you are talking about.

One thing is for certain: The backbone for the KCC is made up by the people who work out there. There are some very nice people who will not have a job at the Kennett Country Club for quite some time. Nothing "hilarious" about that.

The Answer man
The Answer Man