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Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Not Happy in Happy Valley'

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brian Mitchell
So there's this guy. An important guy in his organization. Happens to be a sort-of famous football coach at a prestigious university's football program. Rumored to be the guy who's destined to take the reigns from its definitely famous current coach.

And he likes young boys. Likes having sex with them. Lots of them (at this writing, there are potentially double the original eight involved in the grand jury report).

And, as Mizzou alum Pat Forde writes, "He found himself in the Garden Of Eden." Because, as you are aware, he is jerry sandusky (non-caps mine), and his enablers had given him free reign and guaranteed institutional silence within their entire football building complex (with its showers and wrestling mats and doorlocks and service entrances/exits) and the entire football fiefdom [as I'm looking up this word, I run across 'fetish'. Yuck.] .

This guy satisfied his evil lust by starting a charity. A charity. One for boys from difficult backgrounds. Guaranteeing further that his prey wouldn't tell. He picked out his favorites, smothered them one by one with gifts and trips and kindness and favors. Then,

He consummated the deal(s). Consummate is the wrong word. Consumed. That's better.

Google "Penn State Grand Jury Report 23-page .pdf". It's a must read.

Remember a small national news story six years ago about a local district attorney in Pennsylvania that went missing and who's body to this day has not been found? His car was found in a parking lot and his laptop was found in the Susquehanna River w/o the hard drive. Well, turns out his was the first and only outside law enforcement agency that had been, well, exposed to this case. He was on record as having declined bringing charges; but he clearly had no allegiances to Penn State and, some speculation goes, was reconsidering. Ray Gricar was his name. You start snuffing out prosecuting attorneys so you can continue your child raping, you start putting 'Don' in front of your names and begin leaving the gun and taking the cannoli.


And whither the NCAA? As Colin Cowherd explained, "Under the NCAA rules and regulations, Sandusky could rape a kid; but he couldn't give a running back a free Penn State t-shirt."

Don't expect the NCAA to find any fault here.


There has been a lot of furor over one of the testifying witnesses, Coach McQueary. The complaint is that he maybe should have intervened the second he saw a naked boy and a naked grown man in a shower--regardless of the circumstances. I'd agree for the most part; but in this out-of-control other-worldly ancient Rome case, let me postulate this possibility: What if McQueary himself was a former abuse victim of sandusky? Can you spell trauma twice? How do we know he was not? We do not. I give him a pass. Until at least the facts come out, if they do.

And how proud would you be if your son played football for Penn State (new name, State Pen**) and he and his teammates refused to play out the season in honor of the nameless faceless victims who are currently the same age as these players. How great would it be for these players to use the only leverage anyone has at this cess school? They could turn the game off. And therefore honor and acknowledge the children.

This act, if taken on, would be a most famous and glorious football event and would eclipse ANY silly bowl games won by the Nittany Lions. And it would accomplish, as Mike Franseca said, something by the kids that the grownups wouldn't do. Imagine.

Now, to King Joe.

Say it ain't so.

Grown man + 10-year old boy + shower (+ alone,etc...) = Call The Police Period

Failure to = Jail Period

If Joe The Enabler shows up at Beaver Stadium (really?) he should be arrested.

And one more note. This is not some feigned outrage that has been ginned up by the ESPN-led media...an easy-to-have non-controversial react-emotion over some small case that of course happens every day every where.

This is outrage focused on powerful grown men guaranteed the opportunity to 'Act on'* their every craving. And in good great men this opportunity is hardly ever exploited. But in this case it was. Blame it on a small Pennsylvania town's ways. But it's sure pure evil. Heck, child rape is one of the few crimes that even a few liberals I know agree deserves maybe even the death penalty.

Lord Acton* said Power Tends To Corrupt, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Then he said Great Men Are Almost Always Bad Men.

But THIS bad? Lord let it not be so.


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