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It's all about the youngsters

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
Last week Eason Heath Allgood arrived and none too soon for his patiently waiting parents. Eason arrived, per the text that showed up on my phone at 3:33 in the afternoon. The text from his grandpa Mark Moore actually read, "Domino @ 3:33."

So do you think Eason's lucky number is going to be "3?" Consider also that his birthday is November 9, or 3+3+3. I think Mark should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket with a bunch of three's on it.


Give up the nickname, Dad.

Madison Mittag, made relatively famous in this space several years ago, is back in the news. The nine year-old daughter of Dustin and Michele has bagged the second deer of her hunting career. She and her dad were hunting last weekend when she made the kill.

Regular readers may recall the time several years ago when Madison and her dad were riding in the truck when Dustin did one of those "rolling stops." When he did she spoke up and asked, "Daddy, you stop at that stop sign?"

Dustin 'fessed up and admitted that he probably had not done like he should have and come to a complete stop. His daughter then said, "You'll get a ticket like me and Mommy."

At the time Michele said she was "pretty sure" Dustin already knew about the ticket.

I did notice that the email with Madison's photo of her deer did not have any photos of dad and his deer. I'm told Dustin likes to refer to himself as "Deerslayer," but I'm thinking he might be handing off that nickname to his daughter. It's okay be to known as "Father of the Deerslayer."

* * *

Technology advances

Without trying to scoop my news department, the DDD has completed (okay as I write this, the machine is up and running but the training isn't finished) installation of a computer-to-plate imaging system.

This system, referred to as CTP, replaces what we had been doing known as computer-to-file, where the image went from a computer to an output on film that was then developed and burned onto a chemically treated plate that went on the press (that's the short version).

Without getting too technical, what this means is that we will eliminate the output to film step. The image will go right from the computer to the plate.

The CTP system represents a substantial investment and will go a long way to improving the quality of our finished product.

I thought that was worth mentioning. In light of all the bad press, and really newspapers have been their own worse PR people in some respects, about the print side of the newspaper business. Community newspapers have a role and a place that, while it is changing, isn't going to be replaced easily.

About the only time big media outlets are going to show up in our communities is when something bad happens. Our role continues to be documenting the day-to-day events that make up our life in small town America.

So, while we continue to grow the expanding digital side of our business, we remain committed to print as well. Newspapers have been forecast as extinct before, radio and television were to be their death knell but newspapers survived and even thrived. I suspect they will continue to do so.

* * *

Bank robbery

"Yesterday, Thursday morning, at 3 o'clock, three burglars entered the bank at Malden, prized open the vault door and with nitroglycerine, or some other strong explosive, blew open the Hall safe and took $2,000 in gold and escaped. They left about $4,000 in currency, being frightened away before completing their steal.

"Photographer Gurdeon was sleeping up stairs in the bank building and heard the explosion.

"He slipped down and notified Marshal Davis who was soon on the scene. One of the robbers was on the outside watching while his companions inside were working . The marshal fired several shots at the outside man and at the other two when they ran out of the bank.

"They escaped, going north on the railroad but blood-hounds were on their trail yesterday.

"The loss is a small one and depositors will not be affected in the least. The stockholders alone are responsible in case of a bank robbery.

"The Bank of Kennett is not only protected by a screw-door, burglar-proof safe, but is also carries insurance against loss by burglary.

"The Malden band was doing business yesterday, as usual."

Thanks to the DDD"s unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton, for passing that news tip along from the front page of the Friday, Feb. 9, 1900 edition of the weekly Dunklin Democrat.

Bud Hunt is regional vice

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